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We learn about our Music Business and Entrepreneurship's alumna on her adventures in media, radio and fashion...


ICMP's Music Business and Entrepreneurship alumna Marie Vaillant has enjoyed a rich variety of experiences within the creative industries since leaving our classrooms. 

From gaining experience with the influential Rinse FM to grime label No Hats, No Hoods, Mare is now embarking on further studies within the world of media. 

We caught up with her to learn more about her time at ICMP, experiences in music and fashion and what the future has in store...

What led you to study at ICMP? How did you find out about the course? 

During high school, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at various music labels in France.

These invaluable experiences ignited my passion for the music business and inspired me to pursue further studies in this field. However, considering the limited options for music business education in France, I made the decision to study in the UK. 

In my pursuit of finding the ideal university, I applied to several institutions, with a strong desire to immerse myself in the vibrant culture of London, the heart of the UK.

During my visits to numerous universities, one institution stood out: ICMP. From the moment I set foot on the campus, I was captivated by the energetic atmosphere and the exceptional facilities."

There is a unique vibe that resonates with my aspirations and love for music. The campus was filled with a palpable sense of creativity and innovation, making it the perfect environment to develop my skills and broaden my understanding of the music industry.

The comprehensive curriculum, delivered by industry experts and renowned professionals, promised to provide me with a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This holistic approach to learning aligns perfectly with my ambitions of gaining a deep understanding of music business principles and hands-on experience in the field.

How did your time studying at ICMP equip you for the work you've gone on to do? Were there any essential pieces of wisdom or insight you learned?


Studying at ICMP was an immensely enjoyable experience for me.

The School of Music Business provided me with a wealth of knowledge, particularly in areas such as music structure, law, and finance. The fundamentals I learned there will undoubtedly stay with me throughout my career in the music industry.

One aspect I greatly appreciate about ICMP is the emphasis on independence in studying, which taught me valuable skills in navigating the challenges of the corporate world. The education I received at ICMP expanded my understanding of the music business and equipped me with the tools to tackle obstacles and thrive in my professional journey. 

I'm interested to hear about some of the roles you've taken on - could you talk a little about your job with Rinse and what this involved? 

During my first year of university, I embarked on an exciting journey at Rinse FM in London, where I worked as a Broadcast and Communication Assistant.

This role provided me with invaluable insights into the broadcasting world and honed my communication skills. However, in my second year, I decided to explore a different avenue within the music industry. I joined No Hats No Hoods, a prominent grime label, where I immersed myself in the vibrant and dynamic world of underground music. 

After gaining valuable experience at No Hats No Hoods, I returned to Rinse FM in London during my third year of university, eager to continue contributing to their mission. Being part of such an influential radio station known for its groundbreaking music and innovative approach was a privilege. However, my journey didn't stop there.

After completing my studies, I embarked on a new chapter in Paris, joining Rinse France's communication team. In this role, I worked closely with artists, managed social media platforms, and coordinated festival-related activities. It was a multifaceted position that allowed me to engage with different aspects of the music industry and further develop my communication and artist management skills.

Could you also talk about some of the work with Vaillant and in communications? How have these opportunities been? 


I've had the privilege of being closely involved with my sister's brand, VAILLANT, which has gained significant recognition in fashion.

Her brand has been showcased at prestigious events like Paris Fashion Week, and influential figures such as Rihanna and Bella Hadid have embraced her designs. I have consistently provided support to her, offering communication advice and logistical assistance, ensuring the smooth operation of her brand. This collaboration has allowed me to gain firsthand experience in the fashion industry and witness the power of effective communication in building a successful brand. 

I had the exciting opportunity to work as a freelance communicator at Bureau Betak during New York Fashion Week. This experience was transformative and ignited my passion for creative consulting." 

You're now about to embark on further study - what are you hoping to achieve with this? 

I am excited to embark on a Masters Programme in Media Management at ESCP.

Through this academic journey, I am eager to gain new work experiences and expand my knowledge in various aspects of the media industry, specifically focusing on radio, TV shows, and the streaming industry. I am enthusiastic about delving deeper into these areas and understanding the ever-evolving landscape of media in today's digital age. 

Good luck to Marie with her future studies. You can connect with her below:


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July 19, 2023
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