Interview: Hallan

Youthful four-piece Hallan let us in on how they've made a splash on the south coast with their bright indie sound... 


If you like your guitar music brash and bold, then look no further than indie four-piece Hallan. 

Featuring the talents of our BA Creative Musicianship alumni Josh Ransley, the energetic outfit have built themselves a following by scarpering around many of the south coast's best small venues.

After pricking-up the ears of the BBC Music Introducing Solent's team, they've landed themselves a coveted live lounge session (watch below) as well as release some great singles in the form of 'Do You Think I'm Pretty?' and 'Men'

With some exciting new shows lined up at the Wedgewood Rooms on 29th October and Notting Hill Arts Club on 2nd November ahead of new track 'Habit', due for release at the end of November, we caught up with Josh from the band to learn more about how they blend 'catchy hooks and frustrated poetry spat over a punk beat and dirty bassline' to such great effect... 

What led you to ICMP? And how did you find your time with us?

ICMP's location was a huge factor for me, I’ve always wanted to move to London to study. The course on offer was also one of the reasons I chose the college. I highly enjoyed ICMP, but not only the course. The tutors were amazing as well as the people I met. 

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? 

I listened to lots of Dire Straits and The Police when I was younger.

Could you talk a little about Hallan? How did the band get together?

We pretty much all met at our local college Southdowns. We have been together for just over a year and a half.

Congrats on the recent live lounge session for BBC Introducing. How did it come about? 

We have been very lucky with BBC Introducing and most of the song we send over have been played. We had two records of the weeks and another 3/4 songs played, then we got invited into the live lounge!

'Do You Think I'm Pretty?' was your great single from the summer - what is the track about? 

‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’ is about how weird online dating has got in the last few years. People get so invested into people they meet online for a few days then get upset when they stop talking to them. It's the insight of 4 young men's experience using these dating web sights.

What's the best piece of advice you've received about the music industry so far? 

Be nice to everyone you meet! Being arrogant gets you nowhere in the music industry (unless you’re Matt Healy). Go and talk to the headlining band or support band!

What are the best ways for a band like Hallan to find an audience? 

Probably Spotify, although supporting the right person can go along way. 

What's next for you? 

Hopefully we'll have a couple more singles out by January, then touring around the coast of course!

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by ICMP staff writer
October 22, 2019
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