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Looking to play a music festival in 2020? Then check out our definitive list of events looking for new talent...


Looking to play a music festival this summer but not sure where to start? 

The success of the live music industry means there are now a huge number of events taking place all over the UK and beyond during the sunshine months. And while this gives punters a huge amount of choice on where to go and what to see, it's also created numerous performance opportunities for new artists, bands, musicians and more. 

To help you navigate this busy time, we've compiled this handy guide for you with links to events and their application forms. Remember, when applying always read the terms and conditions surrounding your submission as well as the style of music the festival focuses on. If you're an R&B act, then there's no point in applying to play at a heavy metal event so take the time to do your research to enhance your chances of success. 

You can also read our interview with The Great Escape Festival's booker Adam Ryan and his five tips to improve your chances of being accepted when it comes to applying to play. Good luck! 

May 2020  

2nd: Live at Leeds: apply now

13th-16th: The Great Escape, Brighton: apply now

22nd-24th: Mello Festival, Worcester: apply now  

22nd-25th: Elderflower Fields, East Sussex: apply now

26th-27th: Common People, Oxford: apply now

26th-27th: Common People, Southampton: apply now

29th-31st: Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham: apply now

June 2020 

6th: Long Division Festival, Wakefield: apply now 

11th-14th: Isle of Wight Festival: apply now

13th: Tipping Point Live, Newcastle: apply now

13th-14th: Beacon Festival, Watlington, Oxford - apply now  

16th-17th: Leamington Peace Festival: apply now 

19th-21st: Black Deer, Kent: apply now

July 2020 

2nd-5th: Barn on the Farm, Gloucester: apply now 

2nd-5th: El Dorado: apply now 

2nd-6th: Tech-Fest, Nottingham: apply now 

3rd-4th: Glas-Denbury, Devon:  apply now 

3rd-4th: Nibley, Cotswolds: apply now 

9th-12th: NASS, Shepton Mallet: apply now 

10th-12th: Tiree Music Festival, Scotland: apply now 

10th-12th: Ashford Festival, Kent: apply now 

16th-19th: Beat-Herder Festival, Lancashire: apply now 

18th-21st: Chester Live: apply now 

23rd-26th: Nozstock, Hertfordshire: apply now 

24th-26th: Bluedot, Cheshire: apply now 

24th-26th: Y Not?, Derbyshire: apply now 

30th-2nd August: Kendal Calling: apply now 

30th-2nd August: Camp Bestival, Dorset: apply now 

30th -2nd August: Cambridge Folk Festival: apply now 

31st-2nd August: Truck Festival, Oxford: apply now 

31st-2nd August: Valley Fest, Bristol: apply now 

August 2020 

6th-9th: Bloodstock, Derbyshire: apply now 

7th-8th: Humber Street Sesh: apply now 

7th-8th: Beyond the Woods: apply now 

13th-16th: 110 Above, Leicestershire: apply now 

20th-22nd: ArcTanGent, Bristol: apply now  

21st-23rd: WeyFest, Surrey: apply now 

21st-23rd: Beautiful Days: apply now

28th-30th: Victorious, Portsmouth: apply now 

28th-30th: The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne, Lancashire: apply now 

September 2020 

3rd-6th: End of Road, Larmer Tree Gardens: apply now 

4th-6th: Off The Tracks, Donington: apply now

4th-6th: Moseley Folk Festival: apply now

11th-13th: Worcester Music Festival: apply now 

18th-20th: Equinox Festival, Lincolnshire: apply now

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by Jim Ottewill
January 19, 2020
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