3 Ways to Start Utilising Spotify for Artists

Find out some essential advice on using Spotify for Artists to enhance your musical career...


If you didn’t already know, Spotify has been out here giving artists, bands and industry team members a wealth of information on how your music is received by its listeners.

You can see who’s listening, where they’re listening and who else they’re listening to. They do this with Spotify for Artists, an app (and desktop site) that lets you in on the habits of your audience. 

This isn’t the only thing it can be used for though; the platform can be utilised in so many more ways to help further yourself in your career. Here are some essential tips on how... 

Use your Spotify data to perfect your ad targeting

When on the audience tab on Spotify for Artists, you can see the demographic you’re currently reaching, facts like age and location.


You can use your highest ranking ages range and countries/cities to best gauge your promo and ads for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


With this info from Spotify, you no longer have to take a stab in the dark with your adverts. It means you can make campaigns backed up with your Spotify numbers to get even better results!

Add social media to your Spotify profile

You can now add links to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and website on your artist profile, giving people direct contact with you on social media. I

If you can create as much traction between your socials and your Spotify profiles as possible, the more a listener will be able to understand your project and then hopefully become a fan."

You can these direct links on the profile tab on the Spotify for Artists website or on the mobile app...

Get your new music on Spotify’s editorial playlists

Spotify compartmentalises the playlists on its platform into three categories. Listener playlists are the ones we all make as users, algorithmic playlists are personalised ones like Discover Weekly, the autoplay radio, etc. and Editorial playlists are Spotify’s big mood and genre based playlists - these are the ones you can submit for.

Though you can’t submit for a certain playlist, you will need to enter a bunch of metadata such as the instruments in your song, the cultures it derives from and a description about the content. You can’t do this for songs that are already released but you can do this for upcoming releases that you submit as long as you do this at least a week in advance!

Spotify continuously tests and adds loads of new features to its Spotify for Artists platform and this is just the beginning - so from where we're sitting, there has never a better time to be an independent artist.

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by Scott Colcombe
May 18, 2019
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