3 Vocal Tips for a Healthy Voice

BMus Deputy Programme Leader, Lucinda Allen, gives us her essentials for prioritising vocal health...


World Voice Day takes place every and is an annual global celebration of healthy voices. 

So to mark the day (16th April), we asked our BMus Deputy Programme Leader for Vocals, Lucinda Allen, for her essential guidance on getting the most out of the voice.  

From steaming to warming up, Lucinda has you covered.

Check out her essential advice in our new video below... 

Warm up 

Warm up every time you sing. Your warm up can change from day to day depending on what your voice needs.

It's a diagnostic tool to work out what you're doing right now and what you need to be able to do. So it identifies that gap between these two places. Your warm up needs to help you address voice, sound, breath and where your body is on that day and where it needs to get to so you can use your voice as you want to.  

Think about your state of mind

Are you sad, anxious, angry? If you are, these emotions will all impact the voice. So make sure you're at the best place you can be with your mind as well as with your voice and body. 

Meditating, swimming, going to the gym: these can all help you get in the right frame of mind before you start rehearsing or performing. 

Steam the voice

Steam is brilliant for the voice. It hydrates the chords and get them moving in the way they need to before creating sound. If you're feeling dry or like your voice is not in the place it needs to be, then trying steaming. Steam is excellent for the chords. It's much more direct. Drink water, that helps too. Make sure you leave enough time after steaming before you go to sing again though...  

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by ICMP staff writer
April 14, 2019
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