btb-logo-black-.jpgBehind The Beat places a strong focus on community and consists of a podcast 'Beats & Best Friends', tutorial video content and a range of immersive workshop packages that help develop crucial performance skills in musicians of any ability. 

Behind The Beat is the place where bass players and drummers learn to play together as one. Behind The Beat focuses on exploring the relationships between drums and bass and how they work together as a rhythm section. We take songs and grooves and break them down into manageable, bite-size chunks that are then rebuilt into a complete awareness of each instrument’s role. By exploring the most important factors in groove including dynamics, tempo, feel, musicality and arrangement, you can develop your own path to becoming a better bass player or drummer. 

Alongside these musical factors, we also explore the essential personal relationships that exist in any ensemble, such as the importance of listening and working together to create a unified and solid sound. At BTB, we want to help empower players of all abilities and offer a range of different approaches that can be applied no matter where you are in your musical journey. 

All of our links can be found at @behindthebeat_official.