When it comes to meditation and mindfulness, ICMP alumnus Leo Cosendai is a fast rising star, particularly within the immersive aural world of the gong bath.

Forget your rubber duck or loofah, this is instead a form of sound meditation and has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with everyone from The Guardian and GQ to pop icon Boy George heralding it as a great way for over-active minds to find peace and harmony.

Hailing from Switzerland, now based in London, Leo studied Vocals with us before slowly immersing himself into meditation, inspired by his own experiences with anxiety and stress. 

From hosting workshops and seminars, Leo worked with his Swiss school friend, sister Julie Cosendai and sound consultant and producer Gregor McWilliam to bring his style of meditation to the world of mobile apps with his Third Ear app proving to be a hit on the Apple Store. He has since presented meditation through sound to over 1 million people with the help of Third Ear, as well as his TV appearances and is now a regular speaker in the mainstream press talking about this contemporary take on a traditional form of healing. 

Watch Leo's latest interview on the concept below and visit his website to find out more about forthcoming events.

He’s a much in-demand seminar leader and so-called gong master at yoga studios and retreats, giving workshops and talks across the world. If you’re looking to prioritise mind, mental health and more, then you should give one a try…

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