Rubix Drums is a one-stop shop for all things drums and more.

From day one, Rubix Drums has been challenging the status quo. Within drum shop circles and beyond, nothing is out of reach. With over 150 drums kits readily available above the vast range of products serviced and held by the company, you will find what you are looking for and then some. Artist management, bookings, visa services as well as rehearsal spaces, Rubix Drums has it all. Harvey Mason, Pete Biggins and Yussef Dayes are amongst the iconic drummers that call Rubix Drums their haven.

The newly built control and live drum recording rooms have added yet another dimensional shift to Rubix Drums. Using the best gear of yore and today, the sound achieved in the studio is par to none. Together with ICMP, Rubix Drums seeks to further the educational and experiential offerings to students in a hands on and pragmatic fashion.

Managing Director for Rubix Drums, Bence Bolygo, said:

Education is the foundation of every society and the cornerstone of civilisation. Together with ICMP, we can sow back the value and wisdom of lessons learnt, thereby aiding and educating the young and bright minds of our future industry titans. ICMP and its staff, together, are a flagon of knowledge and a much needed educational structure, ramping what would have been neglected talent, onto the progressive UK arts highway. We are happy to be in partnership with ICMP and see this partnership as an extension of our raison d’être.“

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