Musiversal was founded in 2018. 2 years later, in 2020, Musiversal® Studio was created - A music production subscription that allows songwriters and music creators to access top quality session musicians, mixing and mastering engineers, beatmakers, vocalists and more, all under one affordable monthly subscription. Over 30,000 sessions have been made at Musiversal® Studio up to this date.

Anthony Semaan, Partnerships Lead at Musiversal commented:

"For many years, the ICMP has been offering aspiring musicians the opportunity to create music and enrich their skills, to help them realise their full musical potential. At Musiversal, our values are aligned, providing music creators from all over the world with the opportunity to produce their best music, whilst expanding their music network and being fulfilled in the creative process." 

This partnership will allow ICMP students to work with Musiversal's talented roster of session musicians, and help turn their creative vision into reality."

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