Musiversal was founded in 2018. After several years of offering remote recording sessions with professional musicians and orchestras, they have racked up over 70,000 sessions.

A year ago, Musiversal launched their brand new platform, Musiversal Unlimited - a monthly subscription service that allows songwriters and music creators to access top quality session musicians, mixing and mastering engineers, beatmakers, vocalists, marketing experts, and more!

Christian Dietrich, Head of Partnerships & Artist Relations at Musiversal commented:

"ICMP has consistently provided emerging artists with the chance to craft music and enhance their abilities, aiming to unlock their utmost musical capabilities. At Musiversal, our ethos aligns perfectly, offering music creators globally the chance to produce their finest work, while broadening their musical connections and finding fulfillment in the creative journey.

It fills us with immense excitement to partner with ICMP, envisioning a future where our combined efforts will unlock unprecedented opportunities and experiences for music creators everywhere." 

Christian is also a guest speaker in performance classes and works with the careers & Industry hub for student opportunities.

ICMP students and staff can unlock discounts and benefits with Musiversal here.

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