G7th is a premium guitar capo manufacturer, known for groundbreaking technology and outstanding quality.

G7th exists to give players the greatest possible, all-round premium capo experience. Since 2004, G7th has been changing the way guitarists have looked at capos. We work hard to continually improve our designs and make our capos even better; to give guitarists the greatest possible, distraction-free, capo experience by removing barriers to creativity typically caused by using outdated capos, enabling musicians to focus clearly on their music.

The award-winning original Performance capo won acclaim from guitarists worldwide for its unique Tension Control system; now the Heritage and Performance 3 capos are turning more heads thanks to our patented Adaptive Radius Technology (ART®), which offers unrivalled tuning stability by mechanically adapting to match the curvature over the strings (radius) on any guitar. With ART®, one capo delivers complete confidence that there will be no string buzz or need for constant retuning. That’s why we say – G7th is The Future of Capos. G7th have provided several Performance 3 and Nashville capos to use in rehearsal areas, and will also offer custom engraved capos as prizes for the songwriting competitions.

Simon Campling, Marketing & Artist Relations, commented on our partnership:

We're delighted to be supporting ICMP and the next generation of musicians. The humble capo is a small but important part of any guitarist's toolkit, so we're glad to know the students at ICMP will have access to quality capos that will keep them in tune on stage and in the studio."


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