Congratulations to ICMP's Carla Monroe on achieving 400,000 sales with her co-write, 'Still Sleepless'. 

The track was written in collaboration with producers D.O.D and proved to be one of the top songs soundtracking the summer of 2023, spending 13 weeks on BBC Radio 1's A Playlist. 

ICMP Tutor and Industry Mentor Carla initially broke through with the platinum hit single, '17', a track she wrote and sang with producer MK. 

Commenting on the success of 'Still Sleepless', Carla said:

It’s an amazing feeling that is hard to put into words because when I’m writing, I just write from the heart, not knowing whether it will connect or whether people will actually like it! I'm forever grateful to the people who have made this song what it is."

Before Carla was involved in the track, the song was originally released as an instrumental for clubs. 

"The label wanted a topline that could help the song cross over from the clubs to the radio," she explains. "I wrote the topline with my friend Laura Welsh and D.O.D and we settled on something simple that could compliment what was already there."

Now with the rest of 2024 ahead, Carla is gearing up to release new music under her own name as well as collaborate as much as possible.

She said: "I’m excited for the year ahead - music is in a really interesting place at the moment so I'm open to whatever opportunities present themselves." 

Connect with Carla on Instagram and listen to the track below:

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