ICMP is delighted to have brought together an array of musical talent from across the world to create new music as part of our Mystery Song Challenge. 

The challenge followed our International Meet & Greet from earlier in the year and saw 23 participants from the UK, Spain, Austria, Germany, Mexico and the USA collaborating on a new song. 

We created five bands from student participants. Then, over four weeks the collaborators were tasked with writing and recording their parts. None of the performers had a chance to hear the final product until the Mystery Song Challenge Listening Party. 

Lisa Wadham, ICMP’s Events & Student Acquisition Manager, said:

The Mystery Song Challenge was a fantastic way to bring talented musicians together from across the globe to collaborate, particularly during the recent lockdown."

"We’ve been delighted to hear the great music that has come out of these new musical connections.” 

Markos Kantilierakis, one of the student participants from the band Mystery Machine, said: "I have to say my favourite part about this whole thing was getting the chance to co-write with people across the world, virtually, something I've never done before. This contest was a really good impetus to get used to something that I think is going to be more common in the future."

Craig Lowe, ICMP Music Production tutor, worked with the students on their tracks, creating the final mix for each song. 

He said: “The overall quality of the songwriting was excellent, especially as this way of collaborating on songwriting is becoming the new norm. 

This challenge has equipped the students with some real-world experiences. I was impressed with the attention to space. Everyone's parts fitted together so well; it was like they had written the song in the same room at the same time."

The final band names and their songs are: 

F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) - ‘Journey to the Moon’

R-Hide - ‘Corners of my Mind’ 

Lonely Mangos - ‘Open’

LUNTE - ‘Someday’

Mystery Machine - ‘Dolce Vita’

Watch our round-up video of the event below:

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