ICMP students expand international connections with Altramusica

ICMP has not only become a global destination for music students  studying bass, guitar, drums or songwriting but has also developed an enviable international network, calling many of the world’s top music education establishments partners.

Unsurprisingly, this has helped create numerous opportunities for our students and graduates when it comes to making their own connections and developing their music. 

Most recently, our relationship with Italian music school Altramusica saw a group of ICMP students from the BA Songwriting course - Eduardo ZoSo Giusto, Namugga, Helena Cate, Bronte Clare, Ellie Grace, Diamantina and Tessa MacGibbon - all travel to Italy to play the ICMP Off live showcase in late July.

The event took place at the Osteria S'Ciavinaro venue in Veneto in the north of Italy and was just one of a number of performances and experiences the students enjoyed.  

We asked some of the students about their experiences. 

Helena Cate said:

We played four gigs altogether. Most were outdoors, except the last one which was an intimate living room gig. It was an amazing experience playing for a different crowd every night and cheering each other on. I really feel like I learned a lot and grew as a performer, not to mention getting to spend time with a bunch of amazing people both from Italy and ICMP."

Commenting, Ellie Grace said:

It was honestly one of those 'I'll remember this forever' experiences. The venues were unlike anywhere I've ever played, the audiences were lovely and just the feeling of taking my music into Europe was so exciting. I feel so so lucky to have been a part of it and it was a real taste of how I want to spend my future." 

Luca Pellizzaro, one of the founders of Altramusica, was behind this latest collaboration. He is also the founder of the London Music Weekend, a project where Italian music students travel to the UK to perform and network.

David Howells, ICMP, commercial director, has worked to broker and deepen these relationships.

He said: "Our partnerships are based on the simple aim of working with quality providers to find win-win options allowing both organisations to improve their respective businesses and opportunities for students.

"We regularly invite European partner schools to spend a weekend in London. Students from Altramusica and L’Accademia in Italy and Berlin Drumtrainer, Germany spent a few special days soaking up the London experience, learning with Institute tutors and performing with Ace and Mark Richardson from Brit rock band Skunk Anansie."

Find out more about our network of international partners, including networks in USA, Mexico, Europe, and South Korea.

If you want to take advantage of these international opportunities and expand your networks, then join us on a course here at ICMP. 

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Photo credit - Luca Pellizzaro