Ace, ICMP’s Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, visited South Korea to connect with ICMP’s network of partner schools. 

Ace visited in March 2023 and went again in November to Seoul to visit tutors and students at a number of institutions including Dong Seoul University, School Music, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Modern K Academy campus, Dankook University, Seoul Music High School, Howan University, Hanlim Multi Art School, Ahyeon High School and YIT. 

IK Multimedia, ICMP's partner, sponsored Ace as part of the trip and provided him with licences for Amplitube 5 SE for 500 students. The full IK Multimedia suite was also offered to department leaders.


Commenting, Ace said:

ICMP is leading the way in forging connections with the music community in the schools surrounding Seoul as one of the only Western institutions operating in the region. The visits went down a storm with sessions really well attended and students very engaged."

"We're looking forward to evolving these partnerships in the future and continuing to build our global school network with reciprocal knowledge exchange and experiences."


"It was also fantastic to meet with our alumni, including Professor Na, Head of Popular Music at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and Min Woo, our Outreach Agent in South Korea."


Ace’s masterclasses included a performance class playing songs, demonstrating technique and using software.

The production masterclass consisted of recording a song live using software and backing tracks, then the business class focused on playing a song, then explaining how this worked in a business sense - from publishing, to licensing, record deals, major labels, agents, how it was performed live and music sync.


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