Have you got questions about what it’s like to study at ICMP?

We're running a free mentoring programme for future and prospective students through our new mentoring scheme. You will be matched with a current ICMP student who will give you first-hand information about their experiences as a student, what it’s like studying at ICMP, and loads of useful tips about your future in the music industry!

What will the mentoring involve?

You will be matched with a mentor on Brightside’s text-based messaging platform, where they’ll chat to you about their experiences as a student, and answer any questions you have about transitioning to post-18 study! This includes:

  • What it’s like studying at ICMP
  • The course, independent study, facilities and student societies
  • Connections in the music industry
  • Preparing for auditions, making strong job applications, and developing a portfolio

What is the time commitment?

Whatever you want! As the mentoring is text-based, the time commitment is flexible. You can message your mentor online or through the Brightside app, whenever is convenient for you! A mentor will be available for you across the summer until the start of the academic year on 10th September.

If you are interested, register here: