Jon Hockings: top tips for new artists

Check out some essential advice for emerging artists and songwriters from our alumnus Jon Hockings...


Our alumnus Jon Hockings is enjoying what could be described as a vintage year recently signing to the mighty Kobalt Music. 

The deal affirms that Jon and his musical skills need to be ear-marked as one to watch, with big co-writes for artists such as Lilly Ahlberg and Hannah Jane Lewis. You can read our recent interview with him on his music industry experiences and check out his top tips for success for new songwriters... 

Be sustainable

Figure out the best way you can earn money for the least amount of time (I did functions/ weddings and guitar teaching). Then pour all the rest of your time and energy into what you love.

Make a career out of your strengths

By all means work on your weaknesses but remember that there are a lot of people trying to 'make it' alongside you. I tried guitar, then producing but the one thing I always loved were 'clever' lyrics and melody. I had very low confidence in my singing voice to start with so it's SUPER important to say that you DO NOT need to be a 'singer' at all to be a writer.. 

Never stop learning...

I've learnt a lot from the podcast 'And The Writer Is'. AND I learn from everyone I work with.

Keep your ears peeled

I get 90 percent of my concepts from overhearing fragments of conversations.

Steer your own ship

And make sure you are aiming your efforts intelligently and open to feedback. (I have 3/4 people I play songs to who all have different tastes I trust). 

Listen to 'Bad Boys' by Lilly Ahlberg. 

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by ICMP staff writer
August 7, 2018
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