Samplesound is a London based Record Label producing top quality sample packs for all underground DJs and Producers.

Their mission is to help you shape your next Techno or Tech House killer beat with their products created only by the best musicians and sound engineers with the top Underground DJs.

Regardless of genre preferences and specialisations, Samplesound Academy's library of tutorial videos can cater to every music student at ICMP. From general lessons on how to make a beat to more targeted areas of learning, music production school has never been more entertaining. Beyond tutorials, Samplesound Academy also offers the expert perspectives of working professionals in the music industry.

At Samplesound, we are proud to be joining the ICMP’s team. Our collaboration with them aims to provide high-quality samples and effective, entertaining tutorials for the future of music. Standing in line with ICMP’s values of celebrating individuality and personalising the learning experience, Samplesound offers samples in various genres, as well as a diverse selection of tutorials."

"Music training requires inclusivity, and that is exactly what Samplesound hopes to contribute to the students and faculty at ICMP."

As a tool that can be used both in the classroom and beyond it, Samplesound looks forward to continuing to grow alongside ICMP as a valuable instrument in music education and the careers that are created by it.

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