Audio Modern is a developer and purveyor of world-leading creative audio, MIDI & FX plugins.

The proud creators of Atom, Riffer, Opacity & other award-winning products - Audio Modern collaborate on exceptional projects alongside leading brands such as; Apple Inc, Native Instruments, AVID, Splice.

The ICMP x Audio Modern relationship will see us working in various areas of knowledge sharing and collaborations, such as:

  • Audio Modern's software is now installed and licensed across all of our studios and production rooms!

  • Free downloads (available here:

  • 50% discount codes for Riffer

  • 25% discount codes for everything across their product line

Last but not least, Audio Modern will be providing industry experts for exclusive ICMP masterclasses and workshops, as well as providing prizes for student competitions!

"Develop your musical creativity with a tool-set that thinks differently and musically. There are no limitations."

About Audio Modern

Audio Modern was founded in 2017 with the objective to create music software that is specifically designed for creative music composition.

Their specialised music software, available in a wide range of formats and platforms (from desktops to mobile devices) helps musicians from all skill levels focus on intuitively making music.

Their expert team is constantly evolving alongside market trends, such as machine learning / A.I. They are constantly improving their algorithms and product range with an array of new features to make accessible and effective musical products.

Audio Modern's Products

Quality software so you can work smarter, not harder.

Atom is a virtual instrument with a powerful custom engine - fully equipped to spark your creativity.



Chordjam is a truly unique and innovative take on chord creation, allowing controllable randomisation of chord sequencing. One of Plugin Boutique’s best selling plugins, it was also #1 in the App Store.



Filterstep is a modern motion filter plugin, providing control over a plethora of intricate rhythmic movement. Its various settings allows for almost infinite possibilities when it comes to sound design.



Opacity is a boutique collection of Cinematic Guitar and professional six-string performances for Film, TV, Sound Design, Documentaries, Games, Film Trailers, Commercials and contemporary music.



Playbeat is the newest true A.I. SMART algorithm, allowing users to generate infinite variations of grooves. The app uses machine learning to tailor its end product to one’s preferences and day-to-day usage. With infinite variations possible, no two patterns will be the same.



Riffer is a creative MIDI sequencer that generates musical Riffs & Sequences by combining Pitch, Duration, Velocity & Density.



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