Congratulations to ICMP's Tom Brown on his work for the score to the new documentary, 'Making of an Activist'.

The Hulu documentary and accompanying podcast follows protagonist, Deray McKesson, and how in August 2014, he left his home in Minneapolis to drive down and participate in protests surrounding the murder of Mike Brown in Missouri.

Tom, who is Programme Leader for ICMP's BA (Hons) Music Production for Film, TV & Games, was involved in the documentary project from early 2023, having worked with the same core team on the Emmy-Winning documentary film, 'The Nightcrawlers'

Commenting, Tom said:

The ambitions with this score was to really reflect/represent the ethos of the narrative but also provide its own identity and aesthetic. To hopefully provide some further artistry combining more modern sounds and textures with classical sensibilities."

"Like a Nyman meets Reznor type approach. '3rr0r Concerto' is a prime example of that, which is one of the main themes that runs through the film in its varying iterations."


Discussing the production, Tom said: "I do like being on the project from the early days to really understand and develop the aesthetic as the project progresses."

"However, the biggest challenge was probably the last few 24-48 hours as although I'd been on it from early, the time between receiving the final cut and submitting the deliverables was let's say transitory! That involved adjusting timings, writing a few new sections and exporting everything."

Find out more about the Hulu documentary and the podcast - listen to the trailer for the podcast below:

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