ICMP has successfully redesigned various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as part of a wider, ongoing strategy to enhance our educational offering to students. 

The process sees our academic leadership team consulting with students and graduates, industry partners, music industry professionals (including our own faculty) and other key stakeholders to redesign our courses and deliver on our promise to provide students with the best possible learning experience.

What is the redesign process?

At ICMP, we are committed to delivering a contemporary and relevant music industry programme. We have been at the forefront of music industry education for longer than any other provider - more than 35 years. 

It is our ongoing mission to design and deliver world-class programmes to provide our students with the best possible start to their careers - and to retain our reputation for excellence. 

As part of this promise, we continually review the content and delivery of our programmes. We do this to ensure we support our students in the development of values, qualities, skills and knowledge that will enable them to establish and maintain independent creative careers.

Over the last 12 months, ICMP’s team has consulted with a variety of stakeholders to inform this process. The updates were presented to and subsequently approved and commended Academic Board.

Why do we redesign our programmes?

As a leading provider of music industry education, our aim is to instill in our students the skills and capabilities to flourish and adapt as the wider industry evolves. 

The industry is driven by technological change and developments meaning it is a challenge to ensure our programmes remain relevant. We aim to create a learning environment that empowers our students to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset, resilience and flexibility to respond to sector developments. This enables them to launch successful careers at the forefront of the industry.

What does this mean for ICMP students? 

Our alumni have enjoyed success at the highest level. They can be found all over the world, performing on some of the biggest stages around the globe, running their own businesses, or creating rewarding careers making, playing, performing or teaching music.

Our aim is to continue equipping students with the latest skills, knowledge and expertise to carry on succeeding within the industry. Alongside our state-of-the-art teaching facilities and faculty of top industry practitioners, we believe there is nowhere better for music students to shape their own musical futures than with us at ICMP.

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