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Each episode of our 'Sounds Like These' podcast is an informal, insightful, and inspiring conversation with a variety of music industry professionals: from songwriters, producers, composers, and session players to people working in music for film, TV, and games, record labels, PRs, music charities, and more.

Discussing their careers, showbiz anecdotes, as well as matters of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the music business and beyond, with a common denominator at heart: their devotion to music.




Lara chats with Jasmine Hodge, a journalist and proud 'fangirl', currently Head of PR at The Music Federation.

Jasmine is a force of nature. At only 24 years old, she is The Music Federation's Head of PR, working across a wide roster of bands and artists. How did she get there? As a teenager, Jasmine was dreaming of finding a job that would allow us to be surrounded by the bands she loved. Her love for writing pushed her to pursue a career in journalism, one she started at the age of 16 when she created her own blog and would review live gigs. 

In the episode, Jasmine discusses many of the projects she's been and still is involved in, including curating the latest New Moons charity compilation album, launching The Music Federation’s Safe Space policy, and starting the Fangrrl PR & Promotions business, while also sharing great advice for young women looking to develop a career in the music industry.

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