Congratulations to KENNADI, winner of the inaugural LACM and ICMP International Songwriting Competition. 

Belmont University's KENNADI and her track 'Britany' were judged as recipients of the top prize.

Julia Ivory from Sydney's JMC Academy was second with 'If Only I Knew', the Vienna Music Institute's Caroline Melani was third with 'Summer Rain', then Kye Arnot, also of JMC Academy, and his track 'The Gaps I Could Fill' was named as 'Honorable Mention'. 

Students from a number of music education institutions were invited to submit an original track for a chance to have their music heard and judged by a panel of top industry experts, including ICMP's Head of Songwriting, Professor Sophie Daniels.

Ace, ICMP's Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, said:

It was an incredible collaborative effort for all of the partner schools around the globe to be involved in this competition, from the students' entries to the tutors' judging and industry panels participating in it."

"So I give huge thanks to them all as well as our wonderful brand partners for the excellent prizes too!"

Winner KENNADI said: "I was obsessed with the concept of a sort of outside perspective watching someone you love move on so quickly post-breakup. Almost as if you are observing their life from above, watching it unfold from a distance."

"It's the unraveling and sense of actuality to an intrusive thought - that they are healed and moved on while you are hiding, stuck in an in-between phase of healing."

Prizes include software, hardware and even a free week of summer study as part of LACM's summer program. 

Congratulations to all four winners - listen to their songs here. 

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