The ICMP Spotlight aims to champion as many students and alumni as possible in their music industry careers.

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Each month we present a student or graduate music project, making them our #ICMPSpotlight. This time we have our BA Songwriting alumna Cora Rebel. 

Cora Rebel 

From content creation to singing and songwriting, our alumna Cora Rebel's life is full of creativity with 2024 shaping up to be a big year for her music. 

Described as "Queen of the sad bops", a new collection of emotive and beautifully written songs is coming. Entitled, the 'Small Town Murder' EP, the first track, '20 Forever', has now been released. 

Written alongside fellow ICMP alumni Tragic Sasha and Essence Martins, she's also performing as support with ICMP's Jaz Beeson on 18th July. 

Get to know Cora and her music in our latest Spotlight profile. 

How did the songs on 'Small Town Murder' come about?

I grew up in a small town in Germany, and I thought 'Small Town Murder' would be the perfect title for an EP that delves into petty feuds, family drama, and old wounds.

Each song tells a different story from my past. Instead of just accepting the role of the victim, I found new confidence in my songwriting and called out people who have wronged me."

While I don't name names in the songs, those involved will know if a song is about them.

'Small Town Murder' also has a humorous side. Many of these 'murders' happened long ago, and I'm well past them now. The marketing and visuals for the EP are intentionally dramatic because I enjoy being theatrical. It's all in good fun; I don't actually plan on murdering anyone, nor have they murdered me!

The planned lyric videos for the singles are especially funny - imagine twerking ghosts in a park representing years of trauma. I don't want to give too much away because, like a good murder mystery, much of the promotion will have an investigative feel.

So here are some exclusive clues: now that we’re '20 forever' and have left Regent's Park, it's time to make heads roll. First stop: high school, next up: my parents' house, then revisiting some old winter blues. After that, we'll take a nap in my lover's bed, and finally, make it to the front page.


How has ICMP shaped you and your music? 

While at ICMP, there was a strong emphasis on collaboration with other artists. Whether it was producers, co-writers, instrumentalists, or photographers, someone always needed someone! This environment pushed me to get involved with people to advance my career. Having access to facilities like live rooms and studios was crucial since those resources can be quite expensive too. 

How did you bring everyone together from the ICMP community?

I have to give a shout out to a few key people. Tragic Sasha, who attended ICMP a couple of years before me, has been an incredible creative producer and songwriter on this project. We connected through the ICMP network. Conor Reilly, who produced and mixed all the new and old music, initially reached out to me via TikTok. My social media presence helped me find these collaborators.

I met important creatives like Toyah Ann and Essence Martins through classmates. Our shared interest in music made it easy to find and connect with other creatives, and once you find one, they often introduce you to others, rapidly expanding your network."


What is next for you alongside the EP?

Right now, my biggest focus is on a gig where I'm opening for Jaz Beeson on July 18th (you should all come!). This involves my producer Conor and Emily Sera with a whole new live music setup, and I'm really excited about it!

I'm also planning an EP launch/early listening party for the new music. This event will bring collaborators and fans together to hear the new music acoustically before its official release. I believe in the importance of in-person engagement, so this is a key part of my next steps.

Additionally, my amazing producers and I have started working on new music, and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Connect with Cora on social media and pre-save her new EP. 

Listen to her top tracks on Spotify. 

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