Congratulations to ICMP alumna Tyra Ornberg on performing with Warp Records' Mount Kimbie at Glastonbury Music Festival. 

Our Bass Higher Diploma alumna has been playing as part of Mount Kimbie's live band to promote the release of their latest record, 'The Sunset Violent'.

The group, led by Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, played the Park Stage at Glastonbury and have been on tour in the US too.

Commenting on Glastonbury, Tyra said: "The show was really fun, obviously a bit hectic with a quick changeover and line check but it all went smooth and I could just enjoy playing and have a good time."

It was a really, really fun show and great audience and I managed to not focus too much on the fact that it was going out live on BBC!"


"The highlight was definitely seeing all the lovely messages and pictures friends had sent in various group chats of them watching it live while we were playing. Very cute!!!" 

Alongside her work with Mount Kimbie, Tyra also writes and records music with her band, Junodef. The group formed in 2015 and have been working on putting together a debut album after releasing an EP in 2023 and heading out on tour. 

Tyra said: "I definitely became a better and more versatile bass player at ICMP, so it got me ready for this kind of opportunity to play with other bands, and other styles of bass playing compared with what I do with my own band. I also learned some good practice tips from ICMP which were very handy when it came to learning all of these new songs." 

Watch Tyra and Mount Kimbie perform 'Made to Stray' as part of their Glastonbury set. 

Mount Kimbie Photo credit - Kimrey Nicholson

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