Research and Development conference at ICMP

ICMP is to host its inaugural Research and Development Conference with a day of talks and presentations spanning the breadth of ICMP’s faculty.

Taking place at ICMP on Tuesday 19th June, the event will see sessions exploring music performance, creation, production, promotion and marketing.

Topics will focus on how to write lyrics, building confidence and overcoming performance anxiety, social media and how best to use it alongside a technical study of 'The Wall of Sound'.

Dr Tony Harris, Dean of Academic Studies, said:

A key part of ICMP’s research agenda is to promote an inclusive approach to research and innovation, where all colleagues have opportunities to share their ideas and practice. This conference represents the full breadth of expertise the faculty has to offer." 

The event is open to all ICMP staff and follows a successful series of Research and Development seminars held earlier in the year.

The full timetable for the day is below:

10.00: Welcome address, Room: 201A

Dr Tony Harris

10.15: Session 1A, Room: 201A

Chair: Sophie Daniels

Julian Marshall: Congruence in songwriting: what does it actually mean?

Jonathan Whiskerd: 'Finding Your Voice': learning to write lyrics

10.15: Session 1B, Room: 101A

Chair: Terry Gregory

Tolis Zavaliaris: Reducing the risk of injury through practicing techniques on guitar

Maria Romero: An holistic approach for the singer's recovery process: a case study

11.15: Break

11.30: Session 2A, Room: 201A

Chair: Daniel Green

Luke Toms: A search for meaning: a view on traumatic bereavement and the therapeutic nature of songwriting

Sophie Daniels: ‘All the work while crying’: learning about creative process

11.30: Session 2B, Room: 101A

Chair: Dr Tony Harris

Leddra Chapman: Building confidence and overcoming performance anxiety practices (both on stage and in-class)

Ben Jones: The 15-second cycle: social media and its effect on musicians

12.30: Lunch

13.30:  Session 3A, Room: 201A

Chair: Dr John McGrath

Dr Ryann Donnelly: Posthuman feminism in the music videos of Arca

Dr Richard Perks: Strung Together: developing methodologies for collaborative creativity in cross-cultural improvised-music(s) Ensembles

13.30: Session 3B, Room: 101A

Chair: Sophie Daniels

Daniel Green: Differences between Phil Spector & Brian Wilson's ‘Wall of Sound’ 

14.30: Break

14.45: Session 4, Room: 201A

Chair: Ken Foreman

Marcello Ruggiu: Book presentation: ‘Ableton Live Truccho e Segreti’

Yannis Iliopoulos: The application of Gift Economy to the Administration of Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries

Oliver Tatler: ‘Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades’: Ensuring Industry Relevant Skills Training in Contemporary Music Education

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