Hi and congratulations on accepting your place on the Cert HE in Music Performance programme! 

I’m Charlotte Hatherley, the programme leader for your course. The team and I are very much looking forward to embarking on this journey with you. I’ve included some information below, which I think will be helpful to you prior to your arrival. We’re excited to meet you! 

Have a fantastic summer. 


All the best, 

Charlotte Hatherley  
Programme Leader, Cert HE Popular Music Performance 


About your Cert HE in Popular Music Performance course

The ICMP Cert HE in Popular Music Performance course is for students who aspire to develop their musicianship and build a successful and sustainable career as a portfolio musician in today’s modern and diverse music industry. 

This dynamic, challenging and industry-relevant course will advance the performance, business, technical and theoretical skills you need to succeed as a career musician. 

Studying established genres, styles, and repertoire sits at the core of the Cert HE programme. You will develop a wide and comprehensive understanding of genre conventions by studying with your principal instrument, enabling you to work across a range of performance and creative contexts. 

You will receive tuition from our incredible teaching faculty throughout your time at ICMP, learning from a team of highly esteemed musicians with active careers in the music industry and higher education sector. 

This course will also help you progress to our BMus degree. 

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Equipment Checklist


  • Headphones and earplugs 
  • Pencils, pens, lined paper, manuscript paper 
  • Your instrument 
  • Leads and tuner (guitar/bass) 
  • Keys, sticks, brushes, mallets (drums) 
  • Microphone (vocalists) 

Recommended Equipment 

  • Laptop with Sibelius/Musescore and Ableton Live  

Don’t forget, as an ICMP student you’ll have access to exclusive discounts from leading music manufacturers, so if you’re thinking of buying new gear (from computers to instruments), it’s worth waiting until you start with us. 



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