Quality Assurance & Enhancement

The ICMP is a fully engaged member of the UK higher education community. We are the first UK popular music higher education provider to successfully undergo Higher Education Review and as such are part of a select group of providers who can use the Quality Assurance Agency’s ‘UK Quality Assured’ kite mark.

This kite mark provides you with the reassurance that by choosing the ICMP, you are choosing an institution that has gained the confidence of the Quality Assurance Agency and the Higher Education sector in the standards and quality of the education we provide.

Further to this, we engage with the various quantitative measures of educational quality and student satisfaction used by the Higher Education sector. As the results of these surveys (such as the National Student Survey) are published for the current year, this page will be updated regularly to provide you with the information and data you need to judge the quality of our courses for yourself.


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At the ICMP we understand that to ensure stakeholder interests are properly safeguarded (for example the interests of students, staff or the wider community) effective systems, structures and processes are required to ensure that every key decision taken by the ICMP is robustly tested and evaluated for appropriateness. These systems, structures and processes are referred to as the Governance Framework and the development of this framework is driven by the ICMP’s ongoing Governance Strategy.

The Governance Framework has been designed to ensure that both academic and corporate interests are properly managed in a way that ensures the integrity of the academic decision making process. Importantly, the committee structure that underpins the Governance Framework includes a significant level of direct student participation and engagement. In general terms, ICMP’s governance framework encompasses two key process – Academic Governance and Corporate Governance.  

Academic Governance

At the heart of the deliberative process sits the Academic Board. This Board is overall accountable for the development, management, oversight, monitoring and quality of all education programmes across the ICMP. The Academic Board, which crucially counts on external, independent membership, is the supreme academic authority of the ICMP and ultimate guardian of the academic integrity and quality of all ICMP education courses. It approves both the annual Self Evaluation Document (SED) and the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

The complete academic governance framework can be described thus:


Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance part of the overall framework is overseen by two principal committees – The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. 

Each of these committees have well-developed terms of reference and codes of conduct which guide the way in which they function. Like the Academic board, the Board of Directors counts on non-executive, independent membership and is responsible for overall leadership of the ICMP.

Combining the two elements of Academic and Corporate governance, the ICMP’s overall Governance Framework can be described as follows:


Click here for Academic Board Terms of Reference

Click here for Board of Directors Terms of Reference

Click here for the Board of Directors ‘Statement of primary Responsibilities’