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Online Open Days are a great opportunity to show you around our campus, introducing you to our world-class facilities, expert tutors, and professional student and support staff. Over the past 30 years, thousands of music students have chosen ICMP after seeing everything we have to offer.

This event will help you find out everything you need to know about studying with us, what it’s like to be a postgraduate student at ICMP, and to discover how we can help you fulfill your potential as both a musician and academic.

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  • Chat to our brilliant and friendly academics to discuss the course you’re interested in
  • Find out exactly what makes studying at ICMP so special
  • Hear from some of our current postgraduate students to discover more about student life and how ICMP has worked for them
  • Find out more about our application process for postgraduate courses
  • Learn more about our on-campus facilities including our studios, rehearsal rooms, gear hire and music careers and industry liaison team
  • Explore our state-of-the-art facilities with our virtual tours

You'll have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A in smaller breakout rooms after the main session.

Careers Festival Have you got your questions ready for us?

This is a great chance to ask the specific questions you have about being a student at ICMP including:

  • Student finance: How to fund your studies including maintenance loans
  • Accommodation: See how we can help you find the perfect place to stay
  • The admissions process: From your audition to walking through the door
  • and much more...



If you have previously studied at ICMP you can also apply for an alumni discount, which entitles you to a £500 discount on our postgraduate programmes. Ask us about this during the event, or get in touch with our Admissions Team by emailing

Steps to becoming an ICMP postgraduate student






Our MMus Popular Music Performance programme aims to broaden and deepen your musical competencies, while developing your independent learning and critical thinking abilities. You’ll build upon your existing knowledge, skills, learning and experience, and will be challenged, both musically and academically, to move out of your comfort zone. You’ll receive the time, space, support and opportunities you need to progress your personal development, while being stimulated and motivated to achieve your goals.

The programme encourages you to develop the highest levels of instrumental expertise, performance abilities, academic research and critical reasoning skills. You’ll also explore your leadership and musical management skills through the role of musical director of an ensemble, culminating in the performance of challenging original and existing repertoire.

Course Modules

Core Modules

Students take the following core modules:

Advanced Instrumental Studies (30 Credits)

Advanced Ensemble Studies (30 Credits)

Studio Performance (30 Credits)

Performance Research Project (60 Credits)

Optional Modules

Students choose one of the following optional modules:

Cultural and Philosophical Studies (30 Credits)

Music and Wellbeing (30 Credits)

Investigating Performance Traditions (30 Credits)

Our Masters in Songwriting course is a practice-based and industry-led programme, placing your development as a songwriter in a critical and contextual setting. Working in a peer community, with teaching and support from current industry songwriting practitioners and academics, you’ll explore and refine your creative output and goals, considering artistic, commercial, and intellectual outcomes.

While exploring the art and craft of contemporary songwriting, you’ll write at least one song every week. You’ll also collaborate with other ICMP students, and engage in small group “A&R-style” feedback and critical discussion sessions with your professional songwriting tutors and talented peers, regularly critiquing each other’s works-in-progress throughout the year.

Our Songwriting Masters students form a small but close-knit team, and you’ll immediately become part of the ICMP Songwriting department’s strong, diverse, and inclusive community.

Course Modules

Creative Process (30 Credits)

As a songwriter, identifying the conditions that encourage your best work is crucial. You’ll learn how to examine and evaluate your creative process during this module, and will determine ways to further develop your songwriting. Through research, discussion, and self-directed writing exercises, you’ll explore subjects such as idea generation and organisation, song drafting and development, and explorative writing techniques.

Songwriting Musicology (30 Credits)

This module will provide context for your own songwriting practice through analysis of popular musicological perspectives, and reflecting upon the societal role and cultural identity of the songwriter. Your viewpoints will be broadened through the study of songwriting ideology and criticism, and with guidance, you’ll improve your ability to form and express critical arguments, particularly through essay writing and debate.

Musicology in Songwriting (30 Credits)

To be a successful songwriter, you need a versatile toolbox of musical techniques and the confidence to apply them appropriately in a wide range of contexts. This module will equip you with those skills, helping you to develop a deeper musical proficiency, greater understanding of approaches, and a clearer standpoint when selecting appropriate methodologies. You’ll cover subjects including song analysis, alternative approaches to fulfilling ideas, and musical meaning and ideology.

The writer's voice (30 Credits)

Your writer’s voice is the key to defining your identity as a songwriter. This module is designed to help you develop and refine this unique voice, through a detailed exploration of the discipline of lyric writing. With support, you’ll partake in discussion seminars and practical workshops, evaluate a variety of creative approaches and their influence upon lyrical content, and apply your learning to your own lyric writing. This empirical approach will support you in achieving professional expertise in your writing.

MAJOR REPERTOIRE PROJECT (Optional - 60 Credits)

This module provides an opportunity to create a major new songwriting project, during which you’ll receive individual supervision by a dedicated tutor. Your project will typically take the shape of an artist album, song cycle, comprehensive collaboration, or a similar body of work. You’ll apply your skills in planning, creating, and evaluating material for your project, while also developing a delivery strategy for the particular context of your project. The Major Repertoire Project is designed for those wishing to pursue a career as a professional songwriter and/or performing songwriter.

Dissertation (Optional - 60 Credits)

The Dissertation is the perfect option for songwriters who decide to develop an extended research project. This investigatory module may lead you to consider one or more of the complex contexts, histories, themes or technical aspects of songwriting. You’ll produce a research proposal, detailed research plan, and a final extended written work, supervised by a dedicated tutor with specialist knowledge of your area of research. The Dissertation is designed for those wishing to pursue further study at the Doctoral level, and/or a career in academia or as a songwriter.

Our Creative Music Production Masters programme is highly practical, and will enable you to explore and evolve your creative music production processes. You’ll create and develop your professional sonic signature, and become proficient in mixing and mastering in the context of both creativity and sound.

Developed to replicate the existing modern music industry, this Masters programme offers substantial opportunities for collaboration and personalisation, allowing you to work with other students to realise your projects while concentrating on your own specific areas of interest within the field of music production.

During your time at ICMP, you’ll be mentored by highly experienced tutors. They’ll help you become confident in using the latest industry-standard equipment, and you’ll graduate ready to make your mark as a music producer.

Course Modules


This module will provide you with clarity regarding your individual artistic intention within the field of music production, enabling you to evaluate current methodologies and establish a vision for future production practice. During seminars, you’ll analyse a range of personal and external influences, and through discussion and self-directed research, you’ll develop your communication skills by articulating and comparing ideas, while identifying new areas of creative exploration.


During this module, you’ll develop an understanding of a range of music production techniques, while exploring creative intention and processes. Through practical work, discussion, and self-directed exercises, and by studying topics including creative production processes, idea generation and organisation, creative intention, drafting and development, you’ll examine and critique your own creative work, identifying areas to cultivate and explore.


This module will equip you with innovative production skills applicable to a range of circumstances. You will explore the role of innovation in studio production, especially in the context of your own work, and study alternative production approaches across different styles and genres. Your confidence will improve as you expand your outlook, practical skill base, and knowledge of innovative production techniques.


During this module, you’ll develop your production skills through advanced mixing and mastering workshops focused on the use of equalisation, advanced dynamic processing, automation and time-based effects. The module explores mixing as a creative technical process by evaluating current methodologies, and you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of mastering within the delivery process.


Your Major Production Project acts as a developmental “bridge” into professional work contexts, supporting artistic independence and the creation of generic and specific creative and entrepreneurial skills. As you develop your piece, you will be guided by an ICMP tutor who specialises in your chosen field. Projects typically take the form of an artist album, or similar body of creative production work.

Our MA Music Business course is a comprehensive deep-dive into the global music industry, this dynamic multidisciplinary course is plugged right into the heart of the music ecosystem, offering artists, managers, executives and entrepreneurs a wealth of unique opportunities to take their careers to the next level.

This course is designed to immerse students in each sector of the music business. Through these versatile and highly interactive modules, you’ll gain a rich understanding of the laws and customs that govern this complex world, navigating topics such as rights management, contractual frameworks and the latest trends such as the ‘financialisation’ of music.

By the end of the course, you’ll have mastered the agility, strategic thinking and intuition you need to maintain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving world of music.

Course Modules


The way audiences consume music is changing and expanding at a faster rate than ever before – leading to new challenges and opportunities in regards to rights management, revenue streams and legal implications.

In this module, you’ll explore how the industry deals with issues relating to intellectual property, reputation, image, contractual frameworks and more, as well as the nature of revenue streams like merchandising, sponsorships and brand deals. You’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of the financialisation of music, able to lend significant insights into the latest trends, debates and discussions around rights and revenue.


A fascinating deep-dive of the music industry’s ever-evolving infrastructure, this module examines the dynamic relationship between two core subsectors – live and recorded music. You’ll begin with critical analysis of current business models and working practises in the UK, as well as the global scene, before moving on to explore the wider political and cultural discourse across the commercial spectrum.

Through discussions around ethical decision-making, artist empowerment, carbon-neutral touring and more, you’ll examine the latest advances in technology, changing cultural and political norms, and ways in which industry roles are shifting to become a forward-thinking, innovative leader in the fast-paced music landscape.


Through this module you’ll master the core competencies, personal attributes and entrepreneurial skills you need to become a highly intuitive and competitive key player in your chosen field. Supported by industry professionals and experts, you’ll gain specialised insights and techniques to apply to business modelling, planning, financial management and more, putting you at a significant advantage whether you’re developing a business idea or solving a complex industry challenge.

You’ll take learnings from specific decision-making approaches and ethical frameworks, analyse the attributes of prominent innovative thinkers in the sector, and learn how to leverage business intelligence in order to maximise the potential of your ideas.


Shifts in consumer habits, new music discovery and data-analysis capabilities have transformed music marketing – and in order to engage communities, develop successful campaigns and optimise customer experiences, today’s marketers must stay on the pulse of innovation.

This module will give you the critical knowledge of marketing philosophies, strategies and approaches you need to cut through the noise in heavily saturated markets, putting professional tools and cutting-edge techniques at your fingertips to help you become fluent in tactical marketing decision-making. You’ll learn how to plan and support a product release, analyse data to inform your strategies, utilise your insights into the design of global music brands and build awareness through storytelling – setting you apart as an imaginative, intuitive marketing force.


With a strong focus on your own personal and professional goals, your final project will consolidate the knowledge, skills and insights you’ve gained throughout the course, culminating in a professional, industry-standard project relevant to your career objectives.

Incorporating a range of relevant theories, frameworks and strategies gathered across the programme, you’ll work closely with your project mentor – as well as a range of industry guests and external coaches – to produce a highly innovative piece of work which offers a solution to a challenge or issue impacting the industry today.

Supporting your aspirations
Plug into our industry network

ICMP's Careers and Industry Hub is our dedicated careers and artist development team, run by industry experts and experienced career counsellors. From the day you start studying at ICMP, they'll provide you with a wide range of advice and guidance, all focused on building industry connections and providing you with as much practical and professional experience as possible. ICMP alumni can also continue to benefit from the Hub’s assistance, which remains available even after you’ve graduated.

The Careers and Industry Hub is connected to major record labels, publishers, promoters and management companies throughout London and the wider music industry. As an ICMP student, you’ll benefit from:

  • Bespoke skills workshops and industry guest sessions built into your studies
  • Monthly A&R Sessions, bringing you face to face with notable industry insiders
  • Regular careers and networking events
  • Bespoke mentoring sessions, covering everything from artist development and support to the business side of music, searching for work as a teacher, getting gigs, and raising your profile as a musician
  • Exclusive internship and audition opportunities



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  • Music Gear for Hire | ICMP London


Two years ago, we proudly opened the doors to our redeveloped campus. The building was significantly extended, each floor completely remodelled and designed for the future of music education.

Our new home features expanded studio capabilities, including two brand-new Audient-equipped studios and their own dedicated live rooms, which are large enough to record full-band setups. We have a further seven purpose-built live rooms and five practice booths – and all of our multi-functional classrooms can be used for individual and band rehearsals.

We maintain an incredible stock of prized and well-maintained instruments, boutique amps, and electronic equipment that can all be hired (free of charge) for on-site practice, rehearsals, and recording sessions. This includes guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, synths, drum machines and microphones, totalling over 1,100 pieces of gear.

Students also have access to writing, production, and collaboration rooms, as well as a dedicated floor of tech rooms and a library, staffed by a qualified librarian who is available to support you with your research.


I'd love to study at ICMP, what are my next steps?

To continue your journey with us, simply submit a full application and book your audition. Our friendly Admissions Team are available on +44 (0)20 7328 0222 and through email at Alternatively, you can use our Audition Request form to start that stage of the process.

Request AN Audition


Our audition process helps us advise and guide you onto the right course of study. However, it’s important to remember that ICMP auditions are very supportive, and are all about you!

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability and talk about your goals, in a very relaxed and supportive environment, one-to-one with an experienced tutor. Our Admissions Team are on hand via the 'Live Chat' function to answer any further questions related to our audition process.


Postgraduate loans are available to eligible UK students for all of our masters programmes. Applications for these loans open in late spring/early summer and we'll notify you when the application period opens.

UK students should apply for a loan from the country they're 'ordinarily resident' in. This is normally going to be the country you lived in before you went to university and / or the country you received your undergraduate student loan from. The country you apply for a loan from doesn't have to be the one you plan to study in.

Our Finance Team are available to talk you through the process of applying for Student Loans and answer your student finance questions.  

What accommodation is available to me?

As we are located in a vibrant and busy part of London, there’s a wide range of accommodation available locally, as well as excellent transport links.

The majority of our students look for accommodation local to ICMP,  choosing to share houses with other ICMP students.

We organise a number of house-sharing events to not only help you find a property, but also assist you with your search for friends to live with. These events are open to any new students arriving in September, as well as current students returning for their second or third years. 


Ultimately, career success comes down to the actions you take – but we can provide you with the skills, knowledge, insight, understanding, and contact network you’ll need to make the right moves. Over 94% of ICMP graduates are in employment or further education within six months of graduating, going on to earn an average salary of £24,000 – which is £5,000 higher than other UK music students*.

The course you choose will be tailored to your chosen career outcomes, and our Careers and Industry Hub will provide all the support you need, even long after you graduate. The Hub team works tirelessly to connect ICMP students to the latest industry opportunities, and offers tailored advice and guidance to give you the best possible chance of success. To learn more about the Hub, click here.

Throughout your studies, we bring the music industry into your classroom through our outstanding faculty of tutors and mentors. We also connect ICMP students to the industry (and each other) through an extensive collection of partnerships, activities, and special events such as auditions, showcases, 1:1 A&R sessions, panel talks, masterclasses, clinics, guest lectures, “speed networking” events, and more.

* Source: DLHE, Employment of Leavers from HE Survey – UK Domiciled Undergraduate Leavers 2016/17


ICMP’s teaching faculty is made up of highly experienced music professionals, performers, artists, producers, songwriters, business experts, entrepreneurs, and academics. They are all deeply passionate and qualified educators, and have built a creative community that’s designed to support the next generation of music industry professionals.

As an ICMP student, your studies and career will be guided by music and creative industry insiders who bring decades of first-hand experience directly into your classroom. You’ll also be able to attend regular masterclasses, clinics, guest lectures, panel talks, and more, featuring a long list of top-level industry icons.

Past ICMP guests have included legendary musicians such as Beyoncé bassist Divinity Roxx, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci, and Adele’s drummer Ash Soan, as well as representatives from highly respected industry companies like Universal, Sony, Warner Music, The Voice, The X Factor, AWAL/Kobalt, Polydor, Atlantic, Warner/Chappell Publishing, Radio 1, PIAS, Parlophone, Universal Publishing, Columbia, Spotify, and Virgin/EMI.


Our core classes are typically no more than 16 students per class. This enables a high number of teaching contact hours, so our students get a personalised learning experience focused around their specific goals. Our tutors are able to spend more time interacting directly with each student, while students can also connect and collaborate with classmates at a deeper level.


ICMP facilities are available for private practice, free of charge, outside of timetabled hours seven days a week. We also have a huge range of gear available to hire for on-site practice, rehearsals, and recording sessions, from guitars and basses to keyboards, drums, synths, drum machines and microphones. Finding the right place to practice can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive – so we do all we can to resolve this problem for our students.


We're dedicated to providing our students with exceptionally good value for money. Our 2022 postgraduate degree courses are priced at £9,950 for UK and EU students and £14,000 for International students. Our friendly team are on-hand to assist eligible UK students with Postgraduate Loan applications. For those in EU, EEA and Switzerland, we also offer a Creative Development Scholarship.




At ICMP we have a vibrant and exciting international community, with around 40% of our total student body being international. That means that the ICMP experience is a truly global one, providing you with opportunities for music and cultural development that is second to none.


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Here at ICMP we understand the importance of safe and affordable accommodation during your studies, and our support teams can provide advice and guidance to help you find suitable independent accommodation. We run events  designed to educate students on their options and allow them to meet each other prior to starting.  


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Disability and Wellbeing Support

Our Disability and Wellbeing team are in place to help you access the essential support required to maximise your potential during your studies.  We know that studying can be tough, likewise moving away from home for the first time. The team can support you through the problems you may encounter whilst studying and also help those with specific support needs access the appropriate support.

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