The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has confirmed the quality and standards of provision at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance following its review in February 2015. 

A team of QAA reviewers visited the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and judged that its academic standards, the quality and enhancement of its student learning opportunities and the quality of information about its learning opportunities all meet UK expectations.

The review identified a number of examples of good practice. These include: 

  • the Institute's wide engagement with the music industry, which improves the quality of students' learning opportunities
  • the development of 'The Hub', the Institute's forum for music industry engagement, which enhances students' professional practice and career opportunities
  • the management of auditions which provides feedback to aid applicants' development.

The review also highlighted the range of mechanisms that enable an effective response to enhancing learning resources for students and the Institute's extensive support for the continuous professional development of all its staff.

Paul Kirkham, Chief Executive at the Institute, said: 'We are extremely proud of the outcome of this review as it represents formal recognition of the significant commitment that the Institute’s team makes every day to quality assurance and enhancement. 

'As a voluntary subscriber to QAA, the Institute is one of the first independent providers to undergo such a rigorous examination and has been judged to the same standards as any UK university. Therefore, to have our provision assessed in such a positive way, with five areas of good practice identified and only two recommendations, is extremely rewarding. 

'The Institute has been investing consistently in the student experience over many years to ensure it is of the highest standard. We always place students at the heart of everything we do and we will continually seek to further improve our provision.' 

QAA's Higher Education Reviews are carried out by experts from other universities and colleges. Every review team includes a student reviewer, because QAA believes that students should be partners in the quality assurance of their education.

The team that reviewed the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance included Liam Curran (South West College), Marian Stewart (independent) and Laurence McNaughton (student reviewer from the Institute of Southampton).

A successful review means that the Institute can display the QAA Quality Mark, indicating to UK and international students that the Institute meets national requirements for standards and quality.