Hands playing a keyboard

Receive one-to-one tuition on our degree in Creative Musicianship in all instruments! Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer or multi-instrumentalist, this course will give you the opportunity to perfect your skills with tutors on an individual basis. 

The Creative Musicianship course is designed to develop your personal voice as a musician, fostering innovation and expanding your abilities, and of course, creating new music. As part of the programme of study, students get dedicated one-on-one time with a tutor in their chosen discipline. Programme Leader Atar Shafighian says: 

“One-to-one tuition on the BACM programme allows students to plan and negotiate this key part of their own learning with a dedicated tutor. Students work with their tutor to plan how best to use the one-to-one time, whether instrumental tuition, harmony and theory training or other professional development activities.”

Students can choose how to use this one-on-one lesson time however they want, using it to explore entirely new musical directions. Here are what some of our students say about the one-to-one tuition: 

“I love my one-to-one because I click with my tutor and we work specifically on what I request” 

“The one-to-one lessons greatly improved my playing, my tutor was very helpful and informative”

“One-to-one lessons allowed the freedom to cover topics I have a unique interest in.” 

“I loved the one-to-one lessons, they were brilliant!”


To find out more about our one-to-one tuition opportunities contact our Admissions Team on 0207 328 0222 or to enrol on the BA Creative Musicianship course click here.