We are happy to offer one-to-one tuition on our BA Creative Musicianship degree. Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer or multi-instrumentalist, this course will give you the opportunity to perfect your skills with tutors on an individual basis.

The Creative Musicianship course is designed to develop your personal voice as a musician, fostering innovation and expanding your abilities, and of course, creating new music. As part of the programme of study, students get dedicated one-on-one time with a tutor in their chosen discipline.

Programme Leader Lucy Patterson says: “The beauty of this course is that we can arrange for you to practice on one instrument one semester, but the next semester you might decide that you want to practice a different instrument, and we will arrange for a specialist tutor to come in a nurture you through that instrument, allowing you to be even more creative. The value of the one-to-one lessons is that the student can develop their creative needs, they can develop their own unique voice, with a tutor that is specifically assigned to them to make sure they reach their full potential.”  

Students can choose how to use this one-on-one lesson time however they want, using it to explore entirely new musical directions.

Here are what some of our students say about the one-to-one tuition:

“I love my one-to-one because I click with my tutor and we work specifically on what I request.”

“The one-to-one lessons greatly improved my playing, my tutor was very helpful and informative.”

“One-to-one lessons allowed the freedom to cover topics I have a unique interest in.”

“I loved the one-to-one lessons, they were brilliant!”

To find out more about our one-to-one tuition opportunities, contact our Admissions Team on 0207 328 0222 or enquiries@icmp.co.uk.