The Hub

At the Institute we are eager to help all of our students to progress on every career path that they choose to take. The Institute Hub consistently posts a variety of interesting opportunities, here is recent success story from BA Songwriting student Eden Tredwell:

"When the Hub sent an email about jobs with Song Academy, after a quick Google I decided to apply, as it looked like a great organisation and plus, I'm a poor student. I emailed them telling about myself and my musical experience, and got invited in for an interview. It was a practical interview where they watched me work with a child, helping her to write a song and accompanying her on the piano. And happily they called a few days later to offer me an assistant job in their Notting Hill branch. I'll be helping to run after-school songwriting sessions for kids age 8-13, teaching them about song structure and a little music theory and putting chords to their own lyrics and melodies. I also went to see one of their end-of-term concerts, which was extremely cute. So I'll be working with them part-time alongside continuing my BA Songwriting at the Institute, and developing my own writing too."