Without the Beatles

It is with great pride that we announce the official release of the album ‘Without The Beatles’ by the International Association of Music Colleges and Universities (IAMCU) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles' classic album ‘With The Beatles’.  

This ground-breaking international project, which recreates The Beatles' classic second album, has been led by students from the three IAMCU founding partner schools and includes student producers, student engineers and student arrangers alongside student musicians and bands. Each song also features at least one remote contribution from students studying at the other two partner institutions. 

Students were involved in productions much like they will see in today’s music industry and which will prepare them for success in a professional yet creative environment.

"Without The Beatles" was mixed by Grammy nominated producer and mixing engineer Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Slash, Billy Gibbons, Dave Navarro, John Frusciante) and mastered at the Mastering Lab by legendary mastering engineer, Grammy award winning Doug Sax (Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney) & Eric Boulanger (Kenny Rogers, Colbie Caillat). 

All proceeds resulting from the sale of ‘Without The Beatles’, available through iTunes, will go towards helping and supporting international educational programs as well as UNICEF.  

This experience is known as the IAMCU “Virtual Exchange Program”. This program has provided opportunities for students to learn, create and collaborate with their international peers through participation in “on-line projects” in real time and across continents.  
Subsequently students from all three partner institutions will have the ability to follow in the footsteps of this pioneering collaborative project on a yearly basis. Classic albums celebrating their 50th anniversary will be re-created by students from all three campuses enriching their learning experience as well as aiding others in need.

We hope you enjoy the music made by these wonderful musicians through this amazing project as much as we enjoyed making it a reality. For more information regarding the ‘Without The Beatles’ project and IAMCU, please visit www.iamcu.net 


Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance
The Institute is widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading schools of modern music. Located in London and established over a quarter of a century ago, the Institute has been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school. Its reputation has been built on providing world class education and training using the very best teachers and state-of-the-art facilities. The Institute offers a range of professional courses including a Masters degree, degrees in Popular Music Performance, Creative Musicianship, and Songwriting, a fully-funded one-year Diploma, a specialist one-year Higher Diploma, plus a wide portfolio of part-time courses and summer schools designed to meet a variety of training needs for guitarists, bass players, drummers, vocalists, songwriters and aspiring music business executives and entrepreneurs.

LACM Los Angeles College of Music 
The Los Angeles College of Music, LACM, prepares students to be leaders in music and offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Music Performance and Music Production. Located in the heart of the music and entertainment industries, the faculty is comprised of current, leading, musical professionals with a passion for inspiring the next generation.  The college offers a significant number of real world playing situations with professional musicians, not just peers, setting the school apart from other prestigious music institutions. The college is comprised of talented students from around the world who partner together in an intimate and supportive environment to learn to create, record, perform and market in today’s competitive music industry.  (Formerly known as LAMA, The Los Angeles Music Academy.)   
Fermatta Music Academy
Founded in 1993 in Mexico City and now with 4 campuses nationwide, Fermatta has been distinguished as one of the leading contemporary music education institutions in the world. Its proprietary educational program and its highly qualified faculty, has proven successful in achieving the highest level of music professionals in the industry. The Fermatta Music Academy is the only music institution in Mexico with degrees recognised by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP). The curriculum and specialised courses are designed by music industry experts to help our students acquire professional level skills and be leaders in the entertainment industry. It utilises the latest technology in labs, classrooms, recording studios, training rooms and ensembles to provide students with a superior level of instruction.