ICMP’s Dean of Academic Studies Tony Harris will be presenting a participatory work with the Great Learning Orchestra (GLO) as part of the Manifesta 12' Festival.

The orchestra invited Tony and UK-based composer Barry Russell to organise a number of participatory events and experimental music performances for confiscated properties in Palermo, Sicily.

According to the GLO:

‘Confiscated Properties: Architecture, Ideology, and Performance’ aims to appropriate and permeate a confiscated property through a calendar of community-based performances.

“The project re-thinks the role of properties seized from organised crime, in relation to the history of the city, the protagonists of the counterculture, together with the organizations and self-run groups in Palermo over the last 40 years.”

As part of the project, Tony will also be delivering a lecture on the importance of community-based art at Palermo’s Conservatoire.

He said:

It’s an important part of ICMP’s research and development plan to engage with communities right across the world. This project will help us foster links with the GLO, the Conservatoire and with aspiring musicians in and around Palermo." 

The events series will launch with a workshop on 16th June at Liceo Danilo Dolci, a warehouse closed for almost 20 years since being confiscated. An event series will continue to run until November. 

The GLO wants to form a volunteer ensemble to perform the work at the opening event. Find out more

Visit the Manifesta 12’ Festival.

The GLO is a Stockholm-based network of musicians, working with experimental music events and educational activities since 1999.

Visit the GLO website.

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