ICMP is pleased to announce it's latest partnership with one of the UK's most well known music institutions, Hertfordshire College of Music. 

The partnership between our two institutions is based on our shared values and mission to provide inspiring music education for a long and successful career in the music industry. ICMP has been at the forefront of shaping the future of the music industry for 30 years, and HCM has successfully progressed countless students in higher education within the arts since their inception. The ICMP team are extremely excited to be working closely with HCM to create events and engaging experiences for their students as they make the transition to level 4 study.

David Howell, Director at ICMP said “ Creating meaningful connections within the field of Popular Music Education is important to ICMP to keep feeding the industry with well trained, entrepreneurial portfolio musicians. As with many of our other partnerships, our partnership with HCM is based on a mutual drive to provide progression and excellent employment opportunities. Whether that be after completion of a diploma or master degree. We have enrolled a large number of HCM students at ICMP in the last several  years and are continually impressed by their technical ability and creativity. We are confident that this partnership will see more HCM student progress to ICMP.”