Brent Music Service

The Hub at the Institute works hard to ensure that students are able to fulfill their musical careers - this comes in all different ways. A great example of this comes from 3rd Year BMus Guitar student Ivan Melo:

"I recently began working as a music teacher for the Brent Music Service. The largest music service in the UK, bringing music tuition to thousands of kids in the Brent area.

I first came in contact with them through their Next Steps Session at The Institute organised by The HUB. I came to a few of their lectures, left my CV and even went to a school to observe how the lessons were directed. They called me up for an interview, where I had to perform a solo guitar piece, read a piece of music and talk about me as a teacher.
I have taught guitar for a few years before coming to London. I've always enjoyed teaching, it's incredibly rewarding to see not only the musical development of a child, but also how it affects a lot of aspects in their lives, such as discipline, focus and patience.

On the financial side, it is a steady income, which takes the pressure away from making a living out of performing, allowing me the freedom to only get into projects that really mean something to me artistically."

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