We were delighted to welcome Blur drummer Dave Rowntree to ICMP for a masterclass.

The event took the form of a Q&A with ICMP’s Careers and Industry Hub’s Dave Roberts quizzing the legendary musician in front of an audience of current students and alumni.  

The Q&A explored Dave’s early musical career, joining Blur and their staggering success.

Commenting on what it takes for bands to be successful, Dave said: 

Bands need to look good. You don’t have to look pretty but you need something exciting in your pictures. It’s a great way of getting positive media coverage." 

He continued:

“You need to sound good – this is absolutely essential if you want to be a professional musician - and have something to say. You need to be interesting.”

Dave also talked of Blur’s amazing success and how it was rooted in their songwriting abilities.

The most important thing about sounding good is starting with good songs. It’s just so important. Nowadays the only thing worth money in the music industry is the songs. The only thing that can sustain you in the business is writing good songs."   

Dave’s session also took in his career as a Labour councillor and finished on a positive note with him asking everyone to turn to the person sitting next to them and give them a compliment.

He remained at ICMP after the event talking to a long line of students and giving autographs.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Dave for his visit and being so generous with his time and expertise.  

Visit davidrowntree.org for more information. 

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