Since the coronavirus pandemic began, ICMP has been working hard to ensure students are provided with appropriate, high-quality higher education support and guidance. Members of the ICMP staff, tutor and student community have successfully collaborated to instigate remote teaching and learning, giving you the means to continue your course, achieve your goals, graduate, or progress to the next stage of your studies. We’re extremely proud of what our staff and students have achieved so far, and are looking forward to welcoming all our students – both new and continuing – as usual in September.

The prospect of starting the new academic year at university in September may be concerning for many students, particularly given the raised levels of anxiety and worry at this time, but we’re here to set your mind at ease. It’s true, there are many uncertainties – after all, it’s impossible for us to know exactly how or when the ‘lockdown’ will be eased, what social distancing measures will look like in September, or when our international student colleagues will be able to return to London. But we’ve already considered, planned and prepared for a range of scenarios, and have various high-quality and engaging alternative methods of study ready to implement quickly, should the need arise.

So, in the spirit of open engagement, we thought we’d address some of your most pressing questions, with the view to starting a conversation with you. We’re keen to understand what you’re most concerned about, what you expect from us, and how we can provide the choices and opportunities you’re looking for.

Understanding your individual needs

As part of our ‘Confirm your place' process, you will receive a survey asking about your needs so we can find out whether they’re financial, academic, equipment-based, wellbeing-related, linked to disability support, or a combination of these. We anticipate you have many questions for us, so we do invite and encourage your feedback.

Current students, please send your queries to our Academic Support team on

New students, please send your queries to our Admissions team on in the first instance.


Is ICMP still closed?

While our facilities at 1b Dyne Road remain closed at the moment, ICMP as an institution is providing all our usual range of support and services, just in a different way. Our existing students continue to engage with us and are being properly supported to complete their courses and assessments and achieve their goals. And our new students are taking auditions, talking to their tutors and undertaking other aspects of the admissions process.

We hope to be able to physically re-open our premises, on a carefully managed and controlled basis, in the next few weeks. We are working hard in preparation for this and will advise as and when official guidance permits us to and when we are ready to operate in a safe and properly managed way.

Will ICMP be open in September?

Yes. We’re currently planning for ICMP to be open and operating as normal in September and we’re looking forward to welcoming you then. Depending on future UK Government advice regarding the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic, however, we may be operating in a slightly different way.

To ensure we can adapt quickly to any eventuality, we’ve planned to deliver our full suite of programmes in a range of flexible ways. This will see us ready to meet UK Government advice moving forwards, whatever this might look like. It may be that we’re required to deliver some of our teaching and learning in an online blended model, for example.

Our flexible approach means we’re confident we can operate effectively, providing a safe and professional learning and teaching environment, whether you’re joining us for the first time or continuing your studies. We’ll work with you to find a specific study path that suits your individual situation and circumstances.

Will my whole course be online?

ICMP is a ‘face-to-face’ school based in London, and as soon as the pandemic eases and restrictions are relaxed, we’ll be returning to our normal model of delivery.

To ensure we’ve planned for a number of potential scenarios, though, we’re preparing to deliver your teaching and learning in a range of ways dependent on your circumstances, including:

  • Fully face-to-face, as normal at ICMP.
  • Blended delivery, where some components are provided remotely, and others contain a mixture of content and experiential events provided online with some face-to-face teaching.
  • Full distance learning, where all your study will initially be done remotely for those unable to join us immediately.

Even if you initially have to undertake some or all elements of your study virtually, you won’t undertake the rest of your degree in this way, and we’ll welcome you physically at ICMP as soon as it’s possible and safe to do so.

What if social distancing is required?

The team is already planning for this and the building is being modified in readiness. If social distancing and other associated measures are required, it may be necessary to deliver part of each course remotely or in a blended manner to reduce the number of students in the building at any one time. If this occurs, timetables may need to be rearranged, but support will be available to ensure you can learn, develop and progress in your course as normal, and that building access is fair and equitable.

What if my country restricts travel to the UK?

If you’re unable to physically join us for your course, you can commence your studies virtually. The learning pathway will be very similar to face-to-face education, so you can join your classmates with minimal disruption once restrictions have lifted. Where necessary, we’ll provide additional support to enable students to join a course physically at a later date, and will deliver typical student experiences, such as Freshers and other face-to-face activities, later in the year when it becomes possible to do so. This means you won’t miss out on the full experience of being a student!

What if I’m a tier 4 student?

If you are, or will be, a tier 4 student, please see our dedicated guidance and advice pages. ICMP follows UK Government advice regarding tier 4 students. This is currently being updated as the situation evolves, so please make sure you review this guidance regularly. If you have any concerns or additional questions, please contact our Admissions team for assistance either by email on or by phoning +44(0)20 7328 0222.

How will I be assessed?

ICMP student assessments will run as normal. If social distancing restrictions are in place, assessments may look a little different to enable some tasks to be completed remotely. They may be held virtually or at different times, but we guarantee you’ll be properly assessed in line with ICMP’s module and programme learning outcomes and you won’t be disadvantaged.

What learning support can I expect?

We’ll ensure all students have equal access to the support and guidance you need to help you achieve your goals, including those students with disability or disadvantage. If you feel your studies have been affected due to remote learning, we’ll give you access to ‘catch up’ support services so your education can quickly return to normal.

Is financial support available?

We’re working on making a suite of bursaries and financial support packages available to help students who may have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps you’re unable to join us and require some extra help to study in a virtual way, or maybe your health has impacted your studies. We’ll be providing more detail on our support packages in the coming weeks. If you’re a current student, and have any immediate financial needs ,you may be able to access funding from our Hardship Fund. Please contact to find out more or visit the Hardship Fund page on My.ICMP to start your application.

How will ICMP support my wellbeing?

We’ve been busy implementing measures to help you keep a check on your personal wellbeing. We’ve also designed an in-depth communications programme informing you of ways to protect your mental health and details of the wellbeing services you have access to as an ICMP student. We look forward to providing further information on this in due course.

Will I have access to ICMP’s studios?

Using our amazing learning resources for rehearsal and practice is undoubtedly important to you, so we’ll be sure to give you flexible access as quickly as the UK Government’s official guidance allows. To make this happen, we may be required to change our delivery models and timetables so social distancing measures can be observed when accessing our facilities.

Will I have access to ICMP’s equipment?

We’re currently supporting students with loans of equipment and resources where we’re able to. Although we don’t usually lend laptops or computers, we’ve made additional funds available so we can make an exception to help if you don’t have access to a computer or the internet for your academic work. If you’re a current student, and require this type of support,you may be able to access funding from our Hardship Fund. Please contact to find out more or visit the Hardship Fund page on My.ICMP to start your application.

Will I be able to access ICMP’s study resources once lockdown has lifted?

Yes. As long as official UK Government guidance is adhered to, you’ll be able to access all of ICMP’s facilities to study, use the library, practise, record or engage in distance learning activities remotely.

Will I have access to Tech and IT to complete my course work?

We already have the facility to provide flexible distance learning if we have to, but over the summer we will be investing in a significant upgrade of our internet network to make working remotely even easier for our ICMP community. This will be ready before September and will, for example, see a ten-fold increase in bandwidth. ICMP also has a large number of computers and other resources which you’ll be able to access outside of class time as long as you adhere to any social distancing measures that may be required. For students unable to visit ICMP in person, we’ll shortly be sending surveys so we can understand what resources you currently have at your disposal. We will then see how best we can provide additional IT assistance and, if necessary, financial support where it’s needed.

Am I eligible for a course fee refund due to the ICMP building being closed or inaccessible?

Your rights are protected under UK law and our refund policy applies as normal. We’re doing everything we reasonably can to deliver what we have committed to and ensure you can continue your course and achieve your goals regardless of the coronavirus restrictions that have been imposed on us. If you think you haven’t received the right level of service or support from us, we’ll examine your individual situation and make sure we resolve any issues you may have. And if we’re unable to do so, we’ll consider your case under our refund policy.

We subscribe to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA), so if you feel we haven’t applied our refund policy fairly and appropriately in your specific case, you can ask them to review our decision. The OIA is completely independent and there’s no charge for you to use this service.

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