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Event date: 
07 September 2022
Event time: 
4:30-5:30PM (BST)
Venue Address: 

The Inside Scoop is a series of discussion-based webinars where our events coordinators will discuss various topics around music and studying at higher education. 

Join the inside scoop of five steps to mental wellbeing. The session is run by Mental Health Advisors at ICMP, focusing on five steps to improve mental health and wellbeing in our post-pandemic times. We will be using the wellbeing wheel to help you identify areas in life where you may want to expand. We will help you to come up with strategies and to take the next steps to improved wellbeing. The group session is open to anyone who would like to know more about mental health and wellbeing and explore what support is available at ICMP. 

These webinars will be great for any of our incoming students that need some guidance in preparing for life at ICMP but also for any of our current students who'd like a recap, an anonymous Q&A function will be available so that you can ask our team any question - big or small! 



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