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26 October 2021
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For the very first time at ICMP, we are very excited to announce that we are going to have societal clubs during the academic year 2021/22!

Societies are student-led groups where individuals can come together to share common interests. They meet regularly to discuss topics of interest, participate in activities or events, run campaigns or simply spend time with similar people. Examples of societies might be an ICMP Dance Society, Sports, Chess, or Student Book Club.

This event will include FREE PIZZA along with an informative presentation by your Student Engagement Officer on how you propose a society, general rules and guidance, in addition to how ICMP can support you through this exciting journey. Your Student Officers, including your designated Societies and Co-Curricular Officer, will also be present throughout the duration of the event to support any queries that you might have.

We encourage the entire student body to attend, meet and talk with like-minded individuals which are interested in engaging in such activities! It is an opportunity to discuss and propose ideas, as well as attract potential members.

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