Floor Jansen Poster for Masterclass

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Event date: 
08 December 2014
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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

All masterclasses are now booked through the VLE.

A session for all singers focusing on basic and advanced vocal techniques and song interpretation.
The technical part can be seen as a check-up - what do you know, and what do you actually use? The techniques covered will help to keep your instrument healthy and strong and to explore its boundaries. They are also tools to make the story of a song come alive.

So how do you do that? Tell the story so that everyone can feel what you mean, even when the language in which you sing is unknown to the listener. Can you convince everyone in the room that the story you tell when you sing is ‘true’? And can you keep the techniques in shape while focusing on other aspects of singing?

Floor will trigger you to learn more about yourself regardless of your experience and hope to bring some new insights to your singing.

Floor is the singer of the Finnish bands Nightwish and ReVamp and started her career fronting the Dutch metal band After Forever.

After graduating from the Rockacademie in 2004, she continued studying music theatre and opera at the National Conservatory for two years. She featured as guest vocalist on many albums for artists such as Ayreon, Star One, Devin Townsend, and Mayan. She has starred in live shows on Lowlands, Games in Concert, Christmas Metal Symphony, Epica, Doro and many more.

Floor has been teaching vocals since 2003.

If you would like to bring a song of your own or a cover to sing please send an instrumental backing track of the song to bookings@icmp.co.uk by Monday 1st December. Floor will pick a few of these at random to use as examples in the class.