The European

Festival Index

Festival season is just around the corner, and the number of top events taking place across the continent continues to grow and grow, giving UK music-lovers more choice than ever before.

Whether you choose to risk the rain and the mud at a UK festival or head abroad for a summer party in the sun, there are festivals to suit all tastes and budgets across the continent.

We’ve researched 50 of the biggest festivals in Europe based on their price (including getting there), as well as the weather that you can expect in our 2019 European Festival Index.


  • Festival

  • Location

  • Country

  • Length (Days)

  • Start Date

  • Cost

  • Cost (£)

  • Travel Cost (from London)

  • Avg. Monthly Rainfall (mm)

  • Avg. Monthly Temperature (ºC)

  • Avg. Sunshine Hours per Day