Drum Masterclass | Sergio Rodriguez | YEYO | Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

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Event date: 
02 November 2017
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
ICMP, 1a Dyne Road, NW6 7XG

Sergio Rodríguez Vitta (YEYO), an ICMP alumni, is a Spanish/Colombian drummer, composer, arranger and musical director who has toured and recorded in Colombia, Mexico, The Netherlands, and UK as member of own and collective acts and/or as session musician for various artists as La Severa Matacera, Sergent Garcia and Mr. Symarip among many others.

Currently, besides leading his own DOS musical project, he is working as remote session drummer for a variety of singer songwriters and producers worldwide.

YEYO’s masterclass will see him sharing his experiences as an ICMP alumni in relation to the development of his career, his approach on composing, arranging, producing for an own project and working as a remote and live session drummer.

The session will include live performances of YEYO’s own compositions played together with ICMP alumni and will be based in an active Q & A format.

YEYO is currently working on an alumni's collaboration at ICMP while enjoying a music residency with iconic drummer Ralph Salmins at his studio thanks to a grant awarded from the Bogota’s Art Institute (IDARTES).

Watch a live video of his DOS project.