With the A Levels coming out tomorrow, we will be offering places on a wide collection of our courses through Clearing. Here's some basic information and some of the questions we have received over the last few weeks regarding Clearing:

  1. When can I use Clearing? : Clearing has been open since July and will be available to students until September. If you have already received exam results but have no offers, you are eligible for Clearing. Alternatively, if you have conditional offers, but you didn't receive the results you were hoping for, then you can use to find vacancies using the UCAS search tool.
  2. How do I add ICMP as a Clearing choice? : Go to the 'Your choices' section of Track and click 'Add Clearing choice.' Then enter the details of the course. Only add a Clearing choice if you've been offered a place by us and you want to accept it.
  3. How do I reply to a Clearing offer from ICMP? : You won't need to respond to a Clearing offer from us. Once you add the choice, it's then up to us to confirm your place in Track.
  4. I don't want my firm choice, can I use Clearing? : You need to ask the university who has confirmed your place if they can put you into Clearing. This will be at their discretion.
  5. Can I swap my firm choice for my insurance choice (ICMP) now I've got my results? : No, unfortunately you can't swap your firm and insurance choices. If you now want to go to your insurance choice (ICMP), you need to go through Clearing. You'll need to contact us and make sure we can accommodate you through Clearing. 
  6. Where do I find more information regarding Clearing? : Make sure to have a look at the UCAS Clearing service on the UCAS website, or alternatively search of ICMP Clearing vacancies using the Clearing Search service.