ICMP is the UK’s most international contemporary music college. Around 40% of the students here at ICMP come from abroad – including a large proportion from across the European Union (EU). Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, many of our current and future EU students may be wondering what exactly this means for them, especially in relation to tuition fees. 

Funding arrangements for EU Students

Student funding is no longer available for EU, EEA or Swiss students, with the exception of Irish students (see below) and those with pre-settle or settled status. However,  EU national students looking to join ICMP in 2021, will continue to be to pay the same fees as UK students. This has been guaranteed by both ICMP and the UK Government and will remain the case for the full length of your course.

Many countries offer funding options to assist students who wish to study abroad and we encourage you to explore this within your country. Our Admissions Team may also be able to advise you on possible options too, depending on which country you are coming from, the team can be contacted on +44 207 328 0222 or by emailing enquiries@icmp.ac.uk.   

Visas for EU/ EEA and Swiss students
From 1st January 2021, entry conditions are changing for EU, EEA and Swiss citizen students. If you’re keen to study at ICMP in September 2021, you’ll now need to apply for a ‘Student Route’ visa as part of the UK Government’s new points-based immigration system and you can apply up to three months before your course starts.

Our Admissions Team are on hand to guide you through this process, simply reach out to them by calling +44 207 328 0222 or emailing enquiries@icmp.ac.uk.

Irish students
Due to a reciprocal agreement between the UK and Republic of Ireland governments, Irish citizen students can enrol at ICMP and pay the same ‘home fee status’ tuition as UK students. Unlike international students from other countries, if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student from Ireland, you’re also still eligible for UK student finance tuition fee loans and maintenance fee loans for the duration of your course.

Current ICMP Students
If you’re a current student from the EU, please don't forget that you will need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme before 30th June 2021 to continue living in the UK. The scheme is quick and easy to apply for - full details can be found here

Current students, who joined us in September 2020 or before, will continue to be eligible for student finance and your fees will remain the same as when you started your current programme. 

For more information about studying music at ICMP with the view to launching a successful career in the music industry, get in touch today by calling +44 207 328 0222 or emailing enquiries@icmp.ac.uk

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