ICMP Student Officers 2020

Get to know the new student officers for 2020/21... 


ICMP's student body has recently had its own election with the new student officers now chosen. 

This year more candidates stood than ever before while over 200 students cast their votes. 

With the student representatives now in post, we get to know them, their music and what they've planned for the academic year...

Joy-Princess Emokpae | Student President | BA Songwriting 


The Student President is the lead student representative at ICMP. They are the figurehead of the student body and ensure that the student voice is represented at ICMP, working in close partnership with staff at all levels.

What are you aiming to achieve by being in the post?  

By taking on this role, I hope to increase the number of students that feel able to speak out on topics they are concerned about, especially when they feel like nothing can be done. I also want to encourage ICMP to evidently and openly embrace the differences within the student body. Many things are a lot harder as the year has gone on due to the global situation but I hope that, even in these current times, we can still band together and do the best we can.

What are you looking forward to from the academic year? 

I am looking forward to the collaboration. I want to create things that are even new to myself, and hopefully share this intent with the passionate writers and composers I am surrounded by. 

Alongside your studies, what projects are keeping you busy? 

Alongside my studies, I am working on my own music and growing on my creative journey. I am a part of a project that I can’t actually disclose details of just yet but if things go well, I will share next year. 

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Keegan Israel Yap | Student Vice-President | BMus 


The Student Vice-President is the deputy lead student representative at ICMP. They assist and support the Student President in making sure the student's voice is represented and work in close partnership with staff at all levels.

What are you aiming to achieve by being in the post? 

Firstly, thank you to everyone who voted and trusted me with this role. Taking on this mantle is an honour and one I am extremely grateful for. My focus is to be a link between the student body and the academic team here at ICMP. I would like to build and provide an accessible student leader body, one that is reliable, effective, and safely comfortable for any student to reach out to. I've taken on this role because, throughout my first year at ICMP, I felt the team of representatives had little to no presence in the school. Many students had no idea what the purpose of this team was, and worse still some students had no idea this team even existed at all. That must be changed. Thus, moving forward, I want to work with this new team so that we can have the presence and contact points with every individual at ICMP. This will hopefully result in a clearer structure for everyone to benefit from. 

What are you looking forward to from the academic year?

Getting back in the swing of things. Performing, writing, producing, and making music with all the brilliant people in our community.

Alongside your studies, what projects are keeping you busy?

Playing with my new band. Releasing my first solo EP with a very talented producer here at ICMP. Working on multiple projects with fellow peers as well, and just working towards something that could hopefully make the charts someday.

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Silvia Faedo | Environment & Sustainability Officer | BMus 


The Environment and Sustainability Officer champions environmental, climate and sustainability issues at ICMP. They will work in collaboration with the Facilities Team to promote eco-friendly initiatives at the institution.

What are you aiming to achieve by being in the post? 

My biggest aim is to change mindsets. A person, alone, has enormous power. We can think, talk, take action. Do you imagine grouping together powerful people? We can reach the stars. And we're good at it, we're artists! When we sing or play alone it's amazing, but when we have a band or a choir, different instruments and different voices? It's a whole other level. People actually listen to you. This is what I want.

What are you looking forward to from the academic year?

For ICMP, I want to introduce lots of new ways for reducing the environmental impact and mostly to clarify why we need to do that. Communication is really important, but comprehension is even more important. As I said in my manifesto, two ideas that I have now are: to introduce new litter bins and ashtrays outside of the school and to explain to our girls in the school the use of the menstrual cups with absolutely no shame about it. I mean, it's our body. We have to live in it for a long time so it's better if we know how it works!

Alongside your studies, what projects are keeping you busy?

Probably working on myself. There are a lot of things I still don't know about me and I think ICMP will help me through this process. I want my career in this sector to be amazing and so I decided to start with myself, one step at a time. 

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Alessandra Segatori | Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Officer | HNC


The Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Officer champions diversity, equality and inclusivity at ICMP, speaking up for marginalised and underrepresented student groups and working to make ICMP a more welcoming and supportive place for every student.

What are you aiming to achieve by being in the post? ​

I've put myself forward for this role as I like people, and I don't do discriminations! We are all on the same planet so we have to live in peace harmony altogether, and we have to be always kind to everybody!! I would like to make ICMP a friendly place!

What are you looking forward to from the academic year?

To grow up as a singer and person,  to learn something new, to meet new friends, to build solid relationships and to have fun!!

Alongside your studies, what projects are keeping you busy? 

For now maybe I don't have projects because I prefer to live my life day by day and to take all the good that life is giving to me... I feel blessed for what I have right now ... but if the future is reserving me something great and better...I WILL TAKE IT!

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Jazz Grant | Societies & Co-Curricular Officer | BA Creative Musicianship


The Societies & Co-Curricular Officer champions and helps to coordinate student-led activities and societies at ICMP. They will work in partnership with the Events team, gathering feedback and suggestions for ICMP-run student activities.

What are you aiming to achieve by being in the post? ​

I want to achieve inclusivity among the student body, through events and co-curricular events. I hope to bridge a sense of community to ICMP by bringing students from different courses together, in the spirit of live music events. And alternative societies will give students the opportunity to engage in fun and inclusive activities outside of lessons. We want people to pitch their ideas for future events so to see what the students want more of. And with our help, students can put on their own events. 

What are you looking forward to from the academic year?

I believe there is great potential for events that can include all types of people, from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, new students and students who are looking to expand their university experience. 

Being a songwriter who thrives off life experience, I believe this social area of events and societies is important for our students' progression and for bringing people together. The reason I applied for the role is that I think my passion for events, and listening skills, and also understanding of individuality will positively fuel the running of this position. I'm looking forward to future showcases and meeting new students. Also the songwriters' circle, and the upcoming seminars that ICMP put on featuring alumni and musical experts. 

Alongside your studies, what projects are keeping you busy? 

I'm a member of a post-punk band called Fat Dog, and I'm currently working on my own EP. I'm writing a children's novella, and I hope to one day have my own screenplay. I have a love for dance which I hope to take to group choreography, to feature in my music videos which with the help of friends I'm going to direct and film myself. 

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