1. Universal Audio - Exclusive Masterclass – Friday 11th November 2016

We are excited to announce the first of your ICMP music production masterclasses!

UAD are the company behind the finest software emulations of historic and revered recording hardware. The session, hosted by Universal Audio UK Product Specialist Tom Waterman, will give you an insight into the history of recording technology and demonstrate how to get the most out of the UAD plugins available to you here at ICMP. This really is one not to be missed!

Founded in 1958 by M.T. "Bill" Putnam Sr., the Universal Audio name and company have been synonymous with innovative recording products for more than 50 years, the late Bill Putnam Sr. was a passionate innovator who is widely regarded as the father of modern recording  — with many of his legendary studio and equipment designs still in use today. Specifically, Putnam was the inventor of the modern recording console, the multi-band audio equalizer, and the vocal booth, and he was the first engineer to use artificial reverberation in commercial recording. Alongside his friend Les Paul, Putnam was also involved in the early development of stereophonic recording.

For more info please click the following link:


Masterclass Information

The masterclass will replace your lectures with Kevan Gallagher on Friday 11th November and will be run in the Audient Studio, split into two sessions.

Session 1: 11am – 1pm (11/11/2016)

Session 2: 2pm – 4pm (11/11/2016)


Your groups are as follows:

Session 1 –ICMP Audient Studio: 11am – 1pm

Alex Bangura

Arthur Nyquist

Arturas Placenis

Benjamin Akers

Beomjin Kim

Christopher Allen

Christopher O’Driscoll

David Smith

Diego Hernandez Espana Cadena

Ezra Bruno

Francis McArdle

Henrique Dos Santos Rosalino

Ira Tang

Jess Allen

Kelly John Charles

Libaan Hassan

Lily Pearson

Session 2 –ICMP Audient Studio: 2pm – 4pm

Luca Cannizzo

Magnus Palsson

Martina Martinelli

Meiqi Chen

Michael Francis

Michael Popawski

Nick Clark

Nicole Burnett

Odilon Pimental

Pauline Paul

Ravell Rooney

Robert Carter

Ryan Allan

Serena Harmsworth

Shakila Karim

Steve McLeod

Thibaud Cohadon

2. Student Representative Election Results

We now have a full student rep team. Thank you to all of those who volunteered. Our first Programme Committee meeting is scheduled to take place during the week commencing 5/12/2016.

Please make sure you pass comments and feedback to your reps so they can feed this into the meeting.

 Your newly appointed reps are:

David Smith

Ezra Bruno

Mike Francis

Congratulations to you all, I look forward to working with you to enhance the student experience.

3. Door Codes. 

Next Monday morning (17th October), at approximately 8:30am, the door entry codes for both buildings will be changed to 6102 (this year backwards).


ICMP will be operating a 'No ID, No Access' policy from 24th October so please make sure you wear your ID at all times on ICMP premises. ID cards are for the long-term benefit of the whole ICMP community as they help us to ensure a safe and secure environment for all. If you haven't got your ID card yet, please email terique.anderson@icmp.ac.uk 

Student Emails

Please note that all correspondence with ICMP must now be conducted using your ICPM email addresses (name.surname@icmp.ac.uk).

4. The London College of Fashion -  Collaboration & Lecture

The Use Of Sound And Music In Film Lecture

Midday, 21st October

The London College of Fashion, John Princes Street, Oxford Circus.

ICMP students are welcome to attend.

As this may conflict with some students ICMP classes, please contact the BACMP team first for absence approval.

Collaboration URGENT

The LCF students are producing Fashion Films of some 2/3 minutes duration, all of which must feature original music. The deadline for the finished films is the week of 24th November. If you would like to submit your music for consideration please contact the BACMP team to arrange: bacmp.team@icmp.ac.uk

5. London College of Communications Animation Student – Collaboration

This is for a collaborative music project for the world famous Wellcome Collection in Euston Road.  

We worked with LCC animators last year and had some sensational outcomes.  Many of our students are still working with their LLC counterparts. Animation and music go together like salt and pepper.

For more information or to register your interest, please email richard.strange@icmp.ac.uk.

Crucial dates are:  

26th October 2016 - Wellcome Library Pitch

10am Wellcome Trust Library Pitching Session  (latecomers will not be allowed in)

In this session the MA animation students will pitch their project to Wellcome and to each other and to potential composers.

02.11.16                                    Animation students deliver animatic to composers

02.12.16                                   Delivery completed films for MA animation with unmixed music

2.12.16 to 06.01.17              Composer mixes music

06.01.17                                    Deliver film to Wellcome Trust 



24.01.17 Wellcome Screening

7-9pm  Wellcome Trust ( Wellcome Trust entrance)

5. Audient Discounts

Audient are offering all BACMP students a discount scheme until 7th November 2016. It's a great deal offering you up to 20% off the Audient iD interfaces.

Please contact the BACMP team to find out more: bacmp.team@icmp.ac.uk

6. Production Booths

The BACMP team are pleased to announce, the Production Booths are available to book from Monday 17th October. Enjoy!!