What is UCAS?

UCAS is the “Universities and Colleges Admissions Service”; they are a centralised application place for many UK University level courses at Undergraduate level. You can find them at www.ucas.com

The first UCAS deadline for applicants is known as the 'On-Time' deadline and this is 15th January 2018 at 6:00pm (UK time). 

The next UCAS Application deadline is 2nd May 2018. 

Please be aware, ICMP will consider all applications on a first come, first served basis until places on our courses are full. 

How does UCAS work?

On UCAS you can view University and College profiles, research courses available to you, get information about entry requirements, fees, and other services a Uni or College might provide. Once you know where you would like to apply, you can make your application online. You can apply for just one course, or up to five courses, in your initial application. 

Here is a short video on making an application:

As part of your application, you may need or want to have some things prepared in advance, such as: 

  •  University Code and Course Code for each course that you wish to apply for. For example, the ICMP’s University Code is: i25. A list of our course codes can be found below. 
  •  Personal Statement; Click Here for a short video which will help you get started on your personal statement. Remember, you might be sending this to many Universities or Colleges together so be careful not to be too specific!
  •  Reference; You will need to get an academic reference to add to your application. UCAS offer some guidance on requesting a reference.
  •  Qualifications; You will need to list any previously achieved qualifications, such as GCSEs, both the subject studied and the grade achieved. You will also need to list any courses you are currently studying on, including the subject, and any predicted grades. 

As an applying student, you should make note that UCAS will charge for you to use their application service which is between £12 and £23 depending on your application.
For more information about this, please check the UCAS website.

I’ve made my application, what now? 

If you’re already completed your application, remember, it can take up to 24 hours for it to reach your chosen University or College once you have completed it.  

At the ICMP, once we have received your UCAS application we will ask you to complete an audition and/or interview, as appropriate to the course you are applying for. See our "How to Apply" page for more info. 

If you are successful at this stage, the ICMP will make you a formal offer through UCAS.

You can view your applications and decisions through your UCAS Track account. For guidance on how to use UCAS Track, watch this helpful video

If you have any questions about UCAS, your application, or our courses, please contact our Admissions Team on 0207 3280 222 or email enquiries@icmp.co.uk

UCAS Codes

Key Dates

Institution Code: i25

BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance: W315

BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship: W3C5

BA (Hons) Songwriting: W3W8

BA (Hons) Music Business: W375

​BA (Hons) Creative Music Production: W100

Cert HE in Creative Musicianship: W35C

Cert HE in Songwriting: WW38

Higher Diploma in Music Performance(HNC): 315W

UCAS have a series of key dates that set out when an applicant should apply by, and when a University or College should respond to you by. We have listed a few important dates for you below, for a full list of Key Dates for 2018 applications, see UCAS website

15th January 2018 – Application deadline
This is the first application deadline. Applicants who complete their application by this date should receive a decision from their University or Colleges by 7th May at the latest. You should be aware that Universities and Colleges are obliged to consider any application made before this deadline, this is the primary deadline, any applications received post-15th January are viewed at their discretion. 

3rd May 2018 – Applicant decision deadline
Any applicant who receives a decision by 31st March will need to reply by this date. This means, if you have received offers by 31st March, you will need to accept or decline these by this date. If you do not, UCAS may decline any offers on your behalf. 

7th June 2018 – Applicant decision deadline
Applicants who have received all of their decisions by 3rd May will need to accept or decline these by this date. If you do not, UCAS may decline any offers on your behalf. 

30th June 2018 – Application deadline 
Final date for general applications through UCAS Apply. After this date, all applications will be entered through UCAS Clearing.

5th July - UCAS Clearing Opens

16th August 2018 - Results Day
Results day! This is the date at which results for GCE A Levels, Btec courses and Advanced Diplomas are released. UCAS are able to send many results direct to your University or College, however, you should not assume that this is the case and check with your chosen place of study to ensure they have your results. 

20th September 2018 - Final deadline for 2018 Applications

See here for a full list of UCAS Key Dates.