Will Hensel has had a passion for making sounds with keyboards and electronics since the early days of personal computers. He has over ten years’ experience as a music educator and continues to work professionally as a producer, musician, and engineer in London.

Starting out making the tea and co-engineering in London’s Rollover studios, Will assisted dance music pioneers Leftfield on their groundbreaking first album Leftism, and has since been involved with countless sessions in diverse genres across hip hop, house, reggae, drum ‘n bass and pop, including a couple of number-one records. He progressed to working on writing sessions with Seal and spent a stint with Whitney Houston’s producer and jazz drumming legend, Narada Michael Walden. Other production work includes music for a five-part documentary series for Channel 4 Television, and, in 2013, working closely with director Patrick Viktor Monroe on the soundtrack for critically acclaimed short film, Little Favour, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Nick Moran.

He is currently working on his third studio album for award-winning UK band Dub Pistols, having co-written, co-produced, and mixed much of the material on the well-received Worshipping the Dollar (2012) and Return of the Pistoleros (2015).  The band’s music – and Will’s productions – have been featured on USA TV shows and in a number of films.

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