Robert Barry | Project Supervisor | ICMP London

Robert Barry is a writer, composer, and performer. In addition to his two books, Music in Text (2015) and The Music of the Future (2017), he has also written extensively for such publications as The Wire, Frieze, The Atlantic Monthly, BBC Music, Fact, The Quietus, Thump, Wired, and Art Review. 

In 2003, he created the pop group The Pipettes and continued to play guitar and write songs with them for the next eight years, releasing two albums, many singles, and playing countless concerts and festivals in North America, Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe. Since then, he has directed a small chamber ensemble (A Little Orchestra), composed music for several short films and a feature, written wind and string arrangements for a number of different bands, and curated a series of live art events under the name Zero Wave (featuring a mixture of experimental music, contemporary composition, dance, performance art, and artist film and video). 

Currently, Robert is performing regularly in the improvising duo Far Rainbow (with percussionist Emily Barnett). Far Rainbow have released four albums since 2015 and have two more in the immediate pipeline. His present live set-up includes an electric toothbrush, shaver, hairbrush, several small motors, a broken tin opener, and a pencil sharpener.